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First let us define the terms:

And those links are part of the problem, in more ways than one. *sigh*.

Even though its been several weeks since Juan Williams got fired, I was still busy with the elections. The elections are over now so here it is…and the Juan Williams story gave me fire in my belly in order to write this and it’s a classic example of the many distinctions.

You see, half of these things are not evil at all, and do not have much of a relation to the other things, and in fact we do them all the time.

You see we have gotten far too…IDK Politically correct?… recently when everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off based on someones personal opinion and someones beliefs.

Now if they were racist and bigoted then yeah that would be bad.

But looking at the Juan Williams story…well I do not think that is what he was doing.

We discriminate all the time.

Use our knee jerk reactions based on experience or inexperience and make instant opinions on them. We discriminate, in food, and when someone comes up wearing certain gear, maybe of a certain race, IDK.

But we do it ok, and for the most part its ok.

We are biased to liking certain things, certain people, types of people, hair color, eye color, we are biased to put everyone based on groups and define them based on groups.

Especially in politics. Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, what have you.

And its ok as long as you can move past this and learn from them.

Because we are discriminatory, the human race is very discriminatory. And its a good thing for the most part. Something with teeth is likely to eat you, someone with a gun or a bomb strapped to his chest will likely blow you up.

And certain issues and pictures cause reactions in us. Whether alarm, or oh my God I am going to eat that.

It’s ok as long as you can move past this.

There was a study done in a book that I read last year in High School called Blink, the Power of Thinking without Thinking.

In it indicated that people used certain snap judgements based on race without thinking.

The power is moving beyond that.

My favorite two examples are the gay issue, and the Muslim issue.

Christians are hardly…pro gay…they do not allow gay marriage and many of them do not even allow openly gay people in their denominations.

They draw the line, they discriminate. I discriminate, there are biases that I have. I try not to, I try not to deal with generalizations with them or anything else, but sometimes the thought does occur to me.

But yet I have gay friends, a Christian friend I know has a very good gay friend. We have moved onto it and actually got to know the individual people.

Same with the Muslim, someone comes up in Muslim garb…yikes suicide bomber, and then he sits down next to you on the flight and you are like getting a bit nervous.

But then he opens his mouth and then starts discussing things with you, by the end you are at ease and have moved on. You have gotten past your bias and discrimination and learned about the person.

Now bigotry is different. Bigotry is… in my mind anyways…pure evil.

It is an intolerance that is so deep, that is so engrained that no matter the evidence you can never get along with them… or if you do it does not change your mind. That you are friends with them but they still have something that is fundamentally wrong with who they are because of what they are or who they have aligned with.

Bigotry is stubborn and its…there, unyielding and unchanging. It’s an attitude that no matter what there is still that part of them…not even any individual exceptions…no room for that. That there is something wrong with them and you are better for it.

Which brings us to racism.

The only difference here I think is that Rascism is like bigotry, but you have the power to put that bigotry into action based on someones race.

That you keep them segregated, that you believe them to be different and less so you have to keep them away to preserve the purity of your order.

We need discrimination. We need to discriminate within ourselves and our groups, and on individuals.

Unite yes.

But discriminate heavily, friends and enemies, as long as you do not become a bigot, or a racist.



  1. yeah you could almost rename this blog Discrimination and Bias vs. Bigotry and Racism ๐Ÿ˜› Cuz well Discrimination and Bias can have more of a neutral definition and can be quite useful when used properly….. however, there is nothing good about Bigotry and Racism.

    • Yeah my mistake. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜›

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