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I wanted to give this a while to sink in, a while to analyze it from all sides and to talk to people. I think a week is enough don’t you?

During the election and in the aftermath, especially in the immediate aftermath…though events after has only proved it out… I can pick out three principal lessons from the election.

First of all, congratulations to the Tea Parties, and the Republican Party, it was a good win for the GOP, and just might work out well for the country. (ed, note: If the Tea Party members keep their souls.)

I want to talk about the collective implications of the victory for the Republicans. They are, for the most part, against Obama and his administrations attempt to dangerously grow Government right now. And thus the good guys, I hate the saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ but it seems to apply.

The Republicans winning, as a collective, will at the least slow down the process and may…fingers crossed…reverse it.

That they can begin the process of getting Government off our backs.

However, based on some of the comments by John Boehner and…others…you almost get the feeling that they still believe that Government is the answer to our problems, no matter how slow. That as a party they have not learned.

However, the message is mixed. Many Republicans have given messages indicating that they do get it and will work with us. And that they were not given a mandate, just a ‘second chance’.

Secondly I have realized something fundamental…profound even. Has this election really changed anything?

I mean sure it might have, we have gotten a lot more liberty candidates in their or those I believe will do so, and it has begun the process.

But no matter the results has it really changed anything? Has it changed what we are trying to do, what you believe, what you are trying to do?

If you did not get the results you want, sure it might dishearten you. It might drive you to depression.

And the data and the analysis may change you after the fact and give you a fresh perspective.

But has it changed you? Has it altered the way you think? Has it made you more or less eager to help the cause of liberty? Or exactly the same?

And has it really changed things in Washington? I mean in the fundamentally transformation kind of way?

After all based on some of the rhetoric out of the GOP they still believe Government is the answer, and they are not too eager about their chances of repealing Obamacare, and even then they said they may ‘replace it’.


But they will not betray their new-found principles so who knows? Maybe things have changed but we will have to wait for weeks and months in the future and even years?

And about the candidates who lost I hope this does not change anything nor their commitment to liberty and I hope they stay ‘politically active’ and continue to get the message out.

Candidates like Christine O’Donnell and several others.

Has this changed their zeal to go out there that they started by running to change things for the better?

Again we will have to see but I hope this has not changed anything.

And finally, perhaps I think the greatest of all lessons is a lesson in team sports.

Someone made a comment that I read, that I happen to agree with, that this was the ‘Superbowl of Politics’.

In that vein it is very easy, I found, and find, to get caught up in a team mentality. An us versus them thing.

I was talking to someone, on Facebook, about the elections, just sort of randomly brought them up….I do not know what I was thinking honest. :P…. and she was not pleased about the Democrats getting ‘killed’ in the Senate, now keep in mind it was still very early in the night. And she had to turn Fox News off because of its bias.

Well needless to say that I was happy about the Democrat losses but this began the process of me examining why I was so happy.

You see I really did not want to get into a conflict with anyone, especially this person, but i did not want to get into it. I sort of wanted to stick my head in the sand and hum politics wise most of the night. Just watch the results come in.

But I should have known better…me and politics, its like red and a bull.

But in doing so, in spending minutes wondering how I could convey my thoughts and opinions in the most non combative way possible I realized a couple of things.

First of all, the point I made, is that the Democrats were hardly getting killed, just look at Christine O’Donnell, she was getting trashed at that point. Though I did not know if she actually lost yet.

Second of all, in thinking about it later, especially after I had a chance to think I came to the conclusion that I was doing the right thing, for all the wrong reasons.

You see, even though politics is a team sport we must get out of that mind-set. Especially in today’s climate.

We must get out of this idea where all Republicans are good and all Democrats are evil. Or the idea of vice versa.

We must get out of the idea of punishing our political enemies. After all they passed health care! They are taking away our rights and our freedoms! It is they who are the enemy!!!

Nope, we have a lot of enemies but lets not get swept up in the tide of the parties.

And I failed at communicating this message despite having several opportunities to do so throughout the end of the night…there is that bull thing again.

It is about the individual. The players and not the team who can move the ball towards the goal post that we want, the best talent and composition on the field to achieve that.

While realizing some members of the team might not be so willing to play ball. And while realizing this is the beginning, so we need to make sure that these people are who we think they are.

So congratulations to Jim Demint, Michelle Bachman, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mark Kirk, Pat Toomy, John Boehner, and Joe Manchin.

Congratulations, but we will be watching you.



  1. So what is the moral of your story here? 😛 I think it is all well and good to not succumb to the “team thing” however…isn’t that the American way? *GASP* I mean it’s hideous but it’s the truth IMO. We are a nation of “what have you done for me lately” People…..fair weather fans who are so willing to sell their jersey for the colors that represent the winning team. OR you have those die hard fans who would “go down with their team no matter what” I mean that is the mentality we have fostered here in America. The problem is….just like in The Price is Right…..which door do you choose if you only have two doors to choose from? It is automatically perceived that one door will give you the best prize…while the other will be the least favorable. And unfortunately that naturally sets up a competitive climate…or one which forces people to choose…..a side….or a door…..or a team.

    IDK…I don’t think it is about Republicans or Democrats personally…because as you said earlier…what has really changed? And when you are so thick in the mud…it is going to take alot of changing to get us out of it…and it will take years…there are no overnight fixes to this. But we, as a nation have always been so focused on rooting for our team….being a fan….taking pride in our colors…and I wish it could just be that we could all learn to just root for Red, White and Blue…but sadly many times it boils down to a fight between the Reds against the Blues. *sigh*

    • Yeah! 😛 Well then that needs to change in a lot of ways and I think…well we can chose teams, but instead of the team being something as….silly…as the Dems and the Reps, have it be something like those who will grow Liberty against those who do not. That is the team, and the individual.

      Really though the key is not so much not having a team mentality either, my blog did tell you that it is about picking the best ‘players’ on the team that you want to see your team do well too. Picking the ones that will move the ball in the direction that you want.

        • squirrely1
        • Posted November 29, 2010 at 12:36 am
        • Permalink

        True all good points and I agree…it’s like playing “Fantasy Football” which is great if you can get everyone on board with that mentality that is the only way that will work. Unfortunately you have so many people who are entrenched in who they have always voted for and such and who they feel best represents their “overall” ideology…maybe not on every single issue but they try and get it as close as they can. And really until things are shaken up and we get rid or amend this whole Rep/Dem type of system.. I just think that is how it is going to be perceived. But I agree with you…it is about the individual players making up the best team. And if that means that the majority of that team are Republicans than so be it. But that I’m sure won’t stop the Dems from feeling like in the back of their minds that was a defeat….and vice versa…. I just do not know any way around that.

        • colfoley
        • Posted November 29, 2010 at 12:38 am
        • Permalink

        Neither do I, all I know is that things need to change but I am not exactly sure yet. ;). But I am working on it. 😀

        • squirrely1
        • Posted November 29, 2010 at 12:41 am
        • Permalink

        I know and you are doing great! 🙂

        • colfoley
        • Posted November 29, 2010 at 12:42 am
        • Permalink

        Thank you….I do try. 🙂

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