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“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”
– Jesus Christ

This is more in line of a Blog of the week then what was written about the seventeenth Amendment.

Recently I have had a conversation with someone about their political neutrality, saying it was silly to be politically neutral given today’s tough climate and the unfortunate need for Political Activism from all parties. They stated, later on, that they were not politically neutral because they served only one thing, and that was God, and thus was politically neutral in all things…they had their opinions…but not their loyalty…was the gist.

As with all things this got me thinking…about this phrase in the Bible, one of my favorites actually.

Now a while ago, which relates, I also had a conversation, well actually read a blog, stating that they were not of this world and only temporarily here and thus could not declare themselves of one particular political allegiance.

I sympathize and can see their point, I respect their wishes…and the last thing I want to do is for anyone to turn into me…nightmare…that would be horrific.

But, as I was thinking of this…it has occurred to me.

There are two separate worlds sure, an ‘Earthly’ World, and a ‘Divine’ World. A time for thought of the divine and not, and we must strive to reach our spiritual…balance.

But it is just as important to try to strive for a better life in this world. Because Evil takes many shapes and sizes, especially when it is attacking the Church or the synagogue or the Mosque or the Temple.

Evil is with us in this world, and while it is important to strive for the Divine, and to be more Godlike, that shall not shake off your duties in this world.

I happen to believe in the ‘Good Works’ that your spiritual betterment, whether it is to get to heaven, or to get a better shake in your next life, or whatever your individual beliefs are, is determined on how good a life you lead in this world.

And that includes the realm of politics.

Now if I were God…another scary thought…and I could sort of picture now the Almighty’s ‘smite’ finger getting very itchy… I would face palm…what are you doing? You let evil take root in this world.

We let corruption and greed and evil take root in this world and in our systems…are we to not fight, are we to not strive for a better world?

And yes that includes bringing more people to consider their spirtual and religious enlightenment, but a lot of the battle is also in the “Caesar” domain.

Especially when Caesar is trying to tear down the walls separating the two.

Now I have no idea, I do not have the answer, but I strongly urge you to consider getting involved, in any way you feel is better to help humanity.

Because Humanity and our country needs strong people, strong people who are striving to build a better world for the next generation.



  1. nice…you’d definitely appreciate the Catholic Church’s teachings on the subject I think

    • *blush* Thanks…. I was hoping that you would be kind to my opinions. 😛

  2. Interesting opinions on all your posts – I’m going to have to make this a regular blog I read.

  3. I like that quote but I like this one alot too and it would be wholly appropriate for this blog…. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmond Burke

    And I think you know where else I have quoted this before? 😉

    Yeah I think alot of times people use their “religious convictions” as an excuse to prevent them to really do anything and to me that is a cop out and the lazy way out. I think something…no matter how small can be done period. Whether it be to provide support for those who are standing firm in their convictions and maybe are looking for a spiritual friend or encouraging word.

    I have always been one to make firm your convictions and where you stand no matter if it is politics, religion, philosophy….anything really. I have always sort of despised the “fence sitter” cuz it really does nothing to help anyone…and many times it is those people who only rally to the cause of the day when it is convenient for them or it seems to be the popular one. Maybe it is because they are lazy…or they dont’ want to make waves and/or they are just unsure of their own beliefs and they have to use the….oh I’m neutral because they are ignorant…or they have a self esteem problem or do not feel confident enough in the subject to make a choice. But really we can only ever choose to stand with something based on our limited understanding of what we know at the time. But given what you know…. you have to make a choice…and take a stand…because to me not to do so…is really giving up and giving in to people..possibly very evil people and allow them to push ahead with their own policy and convictions at stake. And that is never a good thing. :S

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