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Its funny, I thought about this blog right around the time that I did my DADT Blog , but with the elections and everything else going out it was not the right time.

Recently though I have been wanting to go back and thinking about this blog and what do you know, DADT has entered the news again, and gay issues…a bunch of Lesbians staged a kiss in with the pope…and I did a debate with someone on the merits of DADT…when all they had to do was read this blog! *mad* πŸ˜›

Now this is…seemingly…one of the fundamental and most entrenched debates of our times. Whether or not being Gay is an actual choice or you are forced to be Gay.

Where the people who think it’s a choice are usually called bigoted and evil…wow.

The debate centers around whether there is a genetic, or an environmental cause that effects your behavior and makes you be gay, or that it’s a choice.

And what you get is no it isn’t, yes it is, no it isn’t, yes it is, no it isn’t.

And on and on it goes because of people’s fundamental beliefs, it is fundamental where you stand on the debate and it is a fundamental issue on where you stand.

But no one ever goes any deeper, all we are is stuck in this…first gear.

Oh we do not have any choice but to be gay so you need to tolerate us and make special rights and allow us to be married no matter what and you are evil if you disagree!

No you are not, it’s a choice, it is sin, and you do not have to choose sin.

And I think people know where I stand on this issue if you have read this blog, or you should…or you will.

Because there is a deeper level to this fundamental issue.

And this issue is that no one ever considers the choice that ‘straight’ people make with sex in their every day lives.

Which is the point I think. That is the main fundamental point with all of this because it’s all about genetics.

But yet people, regular people, make choices between sex all the time…sex and something else.

Nope I can’t babe, I am watching the Patriots game.

Nope I am writing a blog babe give me ten minutes.

Nope I am too tired.

Nope dear I am chatting with my girl friends and knitting, go do your blogging! Had to get the girls in there. πŸ˜‰

And in fact, something else that is lost in this debate, is the fact that Churches and Religious Orders have, like the military, have strict rules governing the affairs of people regarding sex and relationships.

That, if you want…if you CHOOSE… you must abstain from sex to gain a certain position in your church or your community.

In fact, abstinence is a big thing in Schools. That I had a health teacher in the back of his rooms was loads of pictures once again saying, don’t have sex, don’t do it, chose who you do it with sparingly, and wait until you are married.

And that as a society, in many religions and orders and people making this suggestion, you have to wait until you are married. Or should.

Once again you can make the choice not to do something.

Which at the end of the day is all that a lot of religious people are asking. That they do not care about your feelings and if you are predisposed into it or that you are forced into it, as long as you do not do it, as long as you do not sin, we as the church will leave you alone.

That they do not have to tolerate the behavior, but we will love the sinner. And many people I know do this.

So, regardless whether someone can choose to be gay or not, whether they are doomed for that for their lives, it is clear that you can have the choice to not have Sex because Heteroes do it all the time.

But the main issue is, are we prepared, as a society, to pass along to our kids and the rest of people … are we prepared to teach that sex is not a choice?



  1. Great blog….really gets the debate going and I am going to make a comment and then run like hell for cover πŸ˜› I agree with you in that sex is a choice….but alot of gay people claim it is not just about sex. It is about love. Loving someone of the same gender. It may be stereotypical of us to automatically think that gayness is all about the sex when sure that is a big part of their relationship….but having a very close friend who is gay.. I have come to learn that it is much more than just sex. I think they just feel attracted to the same gender heart, mind and soul……and well gonads too…but it’s the complete package. So really is that a choice? I want to say yeah it may be….but it seems to consume them to the point they are not happy and feel they are living a lie if they try and choose the opposite gender to have as a life partner. But maybe this is where the environmental factors come into play on maybe how the individual was raised or maybe how loving relationships were modeled to them when they were growing up. I do not know. But I do agree it is a sin…..God did not intend for this to be a “natural” part of our being….so something got broke along the way….. IMO. *runs* πŸ˜›

    • Yeah good point and a very fare critique.

      My only point here is that in essence the only thing that is seperating a Homo Sexual Partner from a Hetero or ‘straight’ one is the sense of sex and sexual activities. I do not think anyone would have a problem, at least that I know of, if two people loved eachother and they were the same gender, the problem has to do with the sex. I mean I guess that is the gist sometimes I get out of my conversations with love. That Marriage, and the coming together of beings, should be directed to producing offspring which is something gay couples cannot do, and if they do do it its a perversion…its a sin. Because I suppose the answer is that I have loved men before, never wanted to have sex with them or anything but I have ran across a few people that were really good friends and ‘loved’ them. I do not know if this is a terrible example or not, and it probably is, but there would be no problem with that. Unless they wanted to have sex with me and I with them.

      And then marriage is also geered to celebrate a commitment between two people in the event of producing offspring, again what I get out of some comments to Joe. πŸ˜›

        • squirrely1
        • Posted November 17, 2010 at 3:25 am
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        yeah good points and I sort of agree with you. Really there is not going to be a problem with ANY of the gay issues as long as they are kept private that is the point I guess. The more they are out in the open and demanding special rights whether it be marriage rights or spousal rights or what have you….then that is when everyone is all up in arms over it…sex or not IMO. It’s the fact that they are wanting to act like a marriage couple…and there is more to being married than having sex…and again it is what we first think of but there is just that whole life partner thing that I’m still thinking of. For instance I know of two women who live together and they have no sexual relationship that I know of…they were good friends of mine who went to my church when I went to church and I would swear on a stack of Bibles that they were gay….but they were not acting out sexually because it was forbidden for them to do so. So they just took solace in living with one another as “room mates” as “in the closet gays” and just enjoyed the company of one another. Cuz they did not find attraction in the opposite gender and had no desire for that type of lifestyle. Now in their case no one would object to them living together until they started pushing for marriage rights and stuff…..trying to live legally like spouses. That would like you said….be the issue…but it doesn’t mean if they
        pushed that issue that they were necessarily going to start having sex. Maybe they just want the financial benefits of having a “life partner = spouse”.

        • colfoley
        • Posted November 17, 2010 at 3:29 am
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        Yep. πŸ™‚

  2. well a lot of people don’t realize that gay people are confused about this type of love…they forget that between a man and a woman the other aspects of marriage flow naturally from the fact that this type of love has been and always will be known to every human heart as a love that is life-giving….only a man and woman can truly become one because such a union by its very nature is ordered towards producing humanity’s greatest gift, which is new human life

  3. but yeah like I stated in Foley’s fan group we do have a moral obligation as Christians to minister to those that know that it’s wrong and seek to divest themselves and learn how to control those sinful urges….to that end the Catholic Church has an apostolate called “Courage” which seeks to perform this task by showing them how to live an interior life of chastity

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