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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmas was a few days ago and with it we celebrated the gifts that keep on giving. Of material wealth, but of also great love and friendship and great principles.

But…Congress and the President was busy stuffing our stockings with a new wave of legislation, rulings, and regulations just in time for the holidays, working up till the very last moment.

From the START treaty being ratified, to the repeal of DADT, to new taxes, and continuation of the Government, and Military spending bills, and food safety bills, and Net neutrality.

And even the stuff that did not pass, like the DREAM act and yet another massive spending bill.

The congress, the FCC, and the President has given us a lot to contemplate as we go from Christmas and festivities and look forward to a new year. A lot of stuff that frankly has changed our lives and the speed of this has been almost astounding to behold.

With all of these bills coming out once again the conversation has happened again. Between Liberty and Tyranny, Freedom and Slavery, and exactly what are the proper principles and the proper way of doing things are.

And here I am wondering if there cannot be a better way of doing things.

Especially in regards to the DREAM Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

I think both of these bills can be handled and done better and needed a lot more work before they were done.

In regards to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when I thought we might be getting something good on it, when I thought the Congress was going to achieve its responsibility that I laid out in this blog, but instead you have the Congress doing what I feared that Courts would do.

Throwing out the baby with the bath water.

No matter how much some Libertarians and Liberals pat themselves on the back and say, “hoorah now gays have the freedom to serve openly hip hip hooray!”, no matter how much they do this and no matter how much they celebrate this was purely irresponsible of the US Congress.

At least as far as what I have heard and read about the bill says.

It was a complete repeal of DADT, it was a complete throwing out the baby and the bath water.

We do not have the opportunity to make the bill better and the policy, we do not have the opportunity to improve our freedoms or our society. And we do not know how this will affect anything. We really do not know if this will mean that gayness will now be a part of military service when sexuality should not be anywhere near our Military service.

We do not know what this will now do for Unit cohesion, we do not know what other laws and regulations will need to be done, we do not know how this will affect shower arrangements, living arrangements, and how people serve and give orders.

We do not know anything, and to make this major change without knowing many of those things in the middle of war-time is purely reckless.

Yes we can make it better, yes we can change it, and yes we could make our military more free but the fact remains that the Congress has now abdicated their responsibility for Political expediency.

And the fact remains that the Congress will now have to deal with many of these problems in the future. We will see how it goes.

I do not care if you are gay or want to serve your country, I have heard from Military and former Military that do not care if you are gay, and many Conservatives and Libertarians I know also do not care.

If you want to serve for your country, again you can.

But…well we do not even know what the heck openly serving gays means do we?

And if you think DADT should have been repealed and you agree with the decision then use logic and explain it to me and not insult me. Thank you.

And then the DREAM Act.

This should make anyone who is Libertarian scream.

Yes it may give poor innocent people the chance to freely be apart of this country and then go to school and pay taxes and be citizens.

But it spends federal money and makes them open to certain Government sponsored grants as a result. Though the entire loan industry is going to be taken over by the feds so…yeah its going to cost money.

It has occurred to me, though, that you can do this privately.

As far as I know you can still become a citizen of this country through Military service. Or through going back to your country and getting back in line.

But instead of the Government solving this…why not Private individuals…its been done in other cases like DUI.

Basically, what I propose, is to set up charities and sponsorships for people.

To have people wealthy Latinos…or well anyone..set up shop and give our grants and money to anyone and then they can go and learn at any institution.

And then you can have these people sponsor these children of illegals for citizenship on their own. Have them do the legal work and stuff. Or anyone for that matter.

This might not be the perfect solution, and I know this is going to get a lot of heat, but at the same time it is a lot better than continuing to drag us into debt thanks to the DREAM Act.

A while ago I was on the and I am across this story.

And it got me thinking. What else is new…. about a lot of stuff actually.

Mainly…just what is Christmas…like last year…this blog is just going to be…what is Christmas about? What is it? And why is it important?

This blog…is going to be controversial…but bare with me I think you can like it in the end. No matter who you are. I would be surprised if you didn’t.

What Christmas is, is the celebrating the birth of a man, one specific and unique individual who has since changed the world. Some believe him to be the Son of God, some believe him to be a prophet and a shining beacon for humanity. But this is what Christmas is.

The celebration and the coming together of the human race to be charitable, gift giving, and following examples of love and brother hood. It is so much more than a simple holiday to get together about gifts…though I struggle with that because it is about the gift giving and receiving to me for much of my life.

But unless you believe that Jesus never existed and never was born…can’t we celebrate the birth of the man?

Like we do with Presidents, and Philosophers, and advocates for peace and love?

Though I reckon Jesus was a better person then many of those people.

Whether you are Christian or not can we still come together and celebrate this man?

No matter who you are or what you are…many people scoff Christians and their principles…can’t we get together and follow the principles of Christmas…the lessons of Christmas….of love and togetherness and giving.

And can we not honor the life of one of, if not the, greatest human being who ever lived?

Sure many people scoff at the resurrection, or the healing of the sick in such massive numbers, or the miracles and the things that defy logic or things that cannot be done today…

But shouldn’t that be the point?

Even if you take out the religiosity, even if you look at the stories and say, bah that’s impossible!, you still have to admit that what he did was pretty special.

And that is part of the point to. Because Jesus was, such a good man, by all the accounts that I have heard, that people do scoff…he can’t do that…he can’t raise the sick and dead!…he cannot heal so many people at once! That was impossible.

Even if it is shouldn’t we be striving to be more like that? To help people and to heal their wounds and to share our love and brotherhood?

Should we not be striving to be more like Jesus’s example, and follow the very real and important lessons, that tell of his entire story from his birth 2000 years ago.

After all again many people do not believe in the resurrection or believe in the possibility of one person forgiving an entire race for their sins…but yet…without the ability for us to rest and then start over again…well our lives would be very bleak.

If we could not fix and move past and redeem ourselves for our sins then we are truly doomed.

Because here is what I believe, about Jesus, that no matter what he and his story is one of the best examples of humanity.

And in following those principles and the lessons that the story suggest could very well be the key to spiritual salvation. Be the key for the salvation of our souls in the after life.

And if you do not believe in an after life then at the very least I believe that following these principles and being more Christ like is the key to the salvation of our Republic and our people.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Nobody talks about, or very few people who I have heard, has even considered or talked about what would happen the day after December 21st 2012, the day after the Mayan prophecy comes to fruition.

If anything at all.

Because I am not sure what will happen on December 21st, I am not sure if we will have first contact, or the poles will shift or the cosmic stars will align in our destruction. I am not sure of any of the supernatural or many of the real things that could happen to this world that would end it. Or at least human existence.

But it does seem to me like this is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Because many things that have been building for years and years seem to be coming to a head in the near future. Within the next year or so…within that 2012 time frame. Things that could have drastic consequences for us as Americans or for the World as a whole.

We have an election that is going to be happening one month before December of 2012.

A debt, a credit, and a budget problem that continues to grow and the politicians are showing very little willpower in actually wanting to stop it.

Iran, and North Korea are developing Nuclear Weapons and threatening their neighbors…despite Iran’s protests to the contrary. Venezuela is now buying missiles that can strike the Southern US. (Story…Frightening Story)

The US is continuing to grow Government control and enslavement to Government, and cause tension within our borders.

You have people from Julian Assange to others calling for revolutions, anarchists, and a complete obliteration of our Governments, fundamentally transforming them into who knows what.

You have the rise of anarchists, Communists, and Fascists all throughout the World. You have a rise in Nationalist sentiment…anti Jewish sentiment… and protesters decrying the evils of the Governments who are trying to lessen their Government’s role in their society.

You have China on the rise and some people calling them the New World Model for successful Governance.

And you have a political class in the United States who remains largely apathetic if not downright implicate in many of the Problems we do face.

We have two wars going on and several other places that could easily develop into further wars.

In short we have a lot of problems gang, and I am not exactly sure how to fix many of them. And many of these situations are still in development and we may not see the fruits of these situations until well into 2012, and maybe even beyond.

So I do wonder what the country will look like on December 22nd 2012? I wonder what the World will look like…after all there are many ways to end a world.

I am a young person, who is just starting out in life and trying to gain practical real world experience. That much…I hope is obvious. I try to give my opinions based on the facts and the information I receive and present them to you. I give my own insight of what is necessary to save the Republic, get back to fundamental principles, and try to hold the line. I try to encourage debate, and modes of behavior from my own limited perspective.

But in that vein, I often may be a little over my head.

Now is such a moment.

I am not a General…a politician, a President, a chief of staff, a Secretary Defense or a military pundit. I am woefully unequipped to render an opinion on this most delicate of topics. Even more so than in most of the other topics I discuss on this blog.

But that has never stopped me before, and I do think there are a few key points that I can bring up and discuss. A few points that I can make.

If the United States is to do any good on the World Stage we must learn to look at things from a fresh perspective. We must learn how to look at the world, our role in it, our allies, and the very future of war with new eyes.

Because we are the most powerful Military in the History of man. We have the technology, the ships, planes, equipment, and soldiers that can dominate many of the Militaries around the world.

But this military has come at a price. In blood, in money, and with our men and women of our armed forces being put in harm’s way around the world. Where if a crisis is to break out anywhere, it is likely that we will be spending more blood and money to try to put it out and scramble.

We have way too many hot zones around the world, way too many areas that we are invested in, we are spread way too thin.

And we are doing this in the middle of a massive recession, massive spending problems, massive problems around the world, and with politicians that do not know how to properly use our Military when they are sent into harms way.

We simply cannot afford it, and with the weaknesses in our Government it just causes the lives of hundreds and thousands of American to be lost needlessly.

We do not have to, and it does not seem that we can afford to, be the World’s Policeman…if you will forgive me for using such a ridiculous term. And while I do like American Power and think we can use it for great good around the world, we do not have to do that either.

Because we are spending so much on Military, and so invested, that it is dragging us down. I appreciate the sacrifice and danger of our men and women, but there is so much fat that can be cut from the military.

We can still give them the equipment and the training they need to survive, and be the dominant Military on the Planet…or one of them. But we have to begin to cut away the fat.

The Military bases everywhere, the Military bureaucracy…etc.

And this is to not suggest either that we do the absolutist solution of not having a Foreign Policy or to be a force on the World Stage. I do not favor Isolationism.

What I do favor is that we can pick a few places to keep Military bases and Military funding around the world, the best places and most strategic places to support our allies.

In Europe, in Asia, and in Japan. One or two countries that will want our presence and we can work with. Close the rest.

We will then move from a dominant force in any war to a supporting role. Let the Koreans and the Israelis, for example, fight their own battles and their own wars on their soil. Let them do most of the fighting. We can be there to support. We can be there to use our Fighters, our Airforce, our Navy, and our Missiles to strategically help.

Which will limit the danger to our servicemen, and hopefully still support and defend our allies.

We can use our Special Forces and our Air dominance, and we can be a helpful force on the world stage.

But if we are to save the Republic, we do need to take steps back.

I want to do something a bit outside of the norm in this blogs history…*snort*… and talk about…well what happens if we fail. What happens if the United States fails, in all of the ways that I think we can fail. And in all the ways we can.

What happens? What are our responsibilities? This is not to be hopeless, but what responsibilities do we have in the future.

You see, I think the answer has to do with the newest Robin Hood movie, it came to me watching it.

And with Jesus, and the Romans, and the Greeks, and the Egyptians, and Martin Luther, and Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, and the British Empire, and…almost everywhere.

You see we, like they, have a legacy. We have a responsibility to fight, to think, and to make our voices heard, now. Right now. Even if it is hopeless and we are doomed as a people and a country.

Because if we fail, if we let the World Down and the World turns to great darkness then the future needs a voice. An example to follow. And this is our legacy to future people.

To anyone who wants to try this again. To fight for their own liberty, their own freedom, their own ideas, and their own Republic.

We must be an example to the future, a blueprint. Like the great Republics, and even the tyrants, have been to us.

Because no matter how much anyone in the future will try to bury the past, no matter how much they will claim that Republican ideals and the American experiment has failed, no matter how much they might distort…we will be heard.

Because the great Republics of the past and the great tyrannies and the great people’s of the past are separated by us by thousands of years of history. And thousands of years of blood and pain.

But yet we have information, we have knowledge, we actually know how they lived, how they did not live. And more importantly the mistakes, and the things they did well.

We know about the debt, getting too embroiled in foreign wars, a Government that goes from representing the People, to representing their own interests and pleasures, whatever they may be.

We know all of this. No matter how much people may distort our history and our perceptions of it, no matter how many years have passed between now and then, we still have this. This information is out there for anyone who is curious.

This is our duty and our responsibility for the future. Because if we just say…meh its hopeless…meh the Republic is doomed…meh God is done with Human liberty for now…meh lets just run out the string…then we are done.

But we also have another legacy, a more important one.

We have to decide right here, right now, what we want for the future of our Republic and our Children.

What kind of society will we give them.

A safe and secure one, or one that lives in fear?

A one with massive debt or one with financial security?

One with Liberty? Or one of tyranny?

This is what we have to do if we are to make it, or if we must pay for our sins with the Death of this Republic that we love, then we must make sure the future can avoid our mistakes.

Ah yes this keeps on growing and growing until now I am writing two blogs about it…though this is a little late.

Something has occurred to me in thinking about this case though, naturally several things actually…but this is a study in tactics of two groups. Of tactics and the modes of thoughts in two groups.

This is a study in ones personal responsibility to the truth and to information, about getting information, how you get the information out, and what you do with that information when you get it out there.

It is literally about the knowledge of power, and having people using it for good, or for evil.

We have a case of two very divergent tactics, two seemingly opposite sets of political ideologies, in the case of Glenn Beck and Julian Assange. But I think the differences here are striking, and can help us determine who Julian Assange is and what his intentions are.

We have one man, constantly trying to expose the facts of the case, give his opinion, and then encourage people to take responsibility, prepare, get this information out there, and to be the highest people you can be.

Then we have another just giving out information…and says he is doing it to bring down Governments and for Anarchist tactics. Worse the people around him are actively trying to bring down our system of Government.

We have one man who does not have all the information, who does not have all of the facts, who is not really in the Big Government circle, but can draw conclusions from the facts and statements and information that he does have and still encourage people to be ready and continue to find information…properly.

Then we have another man who is getting information by any means necessary, including through hacking and obtaining information from hackers. Who has a seeming disregard what this information might do as long as people know the truth…which is not bad but I would like to see some responsibility.

We have one man’s group of fans and followers and political activists who, for the most part, do not commit criminal actions, are not really into the whole revolution just a restoration, and who are trying to prepare. And even if someone commits acts of terrible violence or crime in his name, he opposes it, rejects it, and condemns it strongly.

Then we have another man, whose followers and people who are aligned with him..again for the most part there are people who are legitimately protesting his treatment…who are hacking and then trying to shut down any website or group that opposes the man that they are trying to support. And yet I have not heard a peep condemning these possibly illegal, but definitely stupid and dangerous tactics…that serve no one.

Julian Assange: He is either a hero, a villain, a devil, a saint, a terrorist, a messenger, a danger, a threat, a man who is trying to expose Government, or an anarchist.

I do not know what he is.

But its interesting that he is either a free market Libertarian that just wants to see transparency, (story).

Or he is a person who is engaging in Anarchist tactics and trying to hunt for the scalps of people and bring down the establishment using WikiLeaks. (Story).

It is tough to pigeonhole him, tough for me to find out and divine his intentions. It is tough for me, and it is tough for him to do that either. By his own admission in the Forbes article.

But it is so tough to judge him. And I have come up with two possible scenarios.

Based on the people around him and he has surrounded himself by, and aligned himself with I have come up with two possibilities.

He is either part of this agenda, to help end the United States Government and Governments around the world and collapse them for whatever reason into a Global Structure. He is complicate with that agenda or whatever his agenda and those of his allies are.

Or he is being used.

You see, I get complained at for being a fan of Glenn Beck an awful lot. Oh he is an opinion maker! Oh that is dangerous and you should make your own opinions on the facts! Oh he is using and manipulating the facts to serve his own agenda! Fine fine, if you believe it, good for you.

But what this comes down to is what I like to call weatherman Journalism, where its a balmy 78 out and we have a low pressure system moving in…versus Context Journalism…opinion Journalism. People who try to connect the dots and do the best to give us much-needed context.

Because you see if Julian Assange was being used, if he was being manipulated and the facts that he is exposing were being twisted by those who have a different agenda then his then he has a personal responsibility to expose it.

You see he has a personal responsibility to go out there and to encourage people not only what the information was, that the Government is screwing us….uh…watch Beck sometime…but also what to do with that information.

To go out, get the information out there, take your protest out on the streets and peacefully try to get the information out there. To vote at the ballot box and try to get the people out of there that are dangerous to liberty and to the free people everywhere.

That he would encourage people to find legal recourses to bring about a change of Government.

Because if he and his information that has been released was being manipulated and used to cause tension and to collapse the system then he has a responsibility and a duty to fight those people.

It’s what I would do if someone was using this blog as a motivation for violence and revolution, I would be pissed and I would and do condemn those people.

If he is complicate and his agenda is in alignment with all these people…the bad people who have an agenda to collapse the US Government…then he is a threat.

A threat to liberty and our way of life.

Not one we have to deal with legally, not one where we have to create new laws that will crush our liberty, but one we can still oppose and counter and condemn him and learn the proper principles.

We can still learn from him, but lets not become him or support him. If he is a threat.

And on a final note, its interesting to me. Beck does everything he can to advocate peace, and brotherhood, and to be our best selves, and he is accused of starting a violent revolution and to be dangerous. Meanwhile Julian Assange uses words like ‘Anarchist tactics’ and ‘taking people’s scalps’, and he is called a hero by many of the same people who are against Glenn Beck.


In perhaps one of the most obvious blogs but one that I have the least amount of actual solutions about how to actually do it…I think we need to change our thinking.

We must change the way we look at things, at the world around us.

Politically, philosophically, and how we go about and getting our material things.

We have to change, it is an inevitability. The world is changing around us and a new order could be coming soon and that requires new and radical modes of thought.

Or just because the problems we face, as a society, requires us to think and look outside of the box we have put ourselves in. Simply because of those boxes and now we need to look outside of the box to fix it.

But the question will this be a fundamental transformation or a fundamental restoration?

Whether it is the Gods of the Copybook headings, proper principles, or just simply common sense the wisdom and the knowledge is out there, for a template, where we can save ourselves.

We just need to apply them and learn them to our radical new scenarios and the massive problems we are facing as a world and try our best to weather the storm and restore ourselves.

And we need to start doing this now if we have a hope of saving our future and making the positive changes to our world to save the Republic and continue to be a positive influence for others and hopefully they will save themselves to.

But out of all of the concepts and thoughts that I have had, this one scares me the most. Out of all the topics that I have heard discussed out there this concept…terrifies me the most. Because here we are in our comfortable world and I have no idea how to achieve a change of thinking.

I am not sure I even want to do it.

I rather like our world and our technology and our lap tops and our PS3s and our game systems and everything else. I like it.

Sure I am not as into it as many people are, I have my other priorities…but I love my lap top that I am currently doing my blog on.

I rather love our life. But….something needs to change.

And we have to ask the question if we have gotten too used to this, too used to Government, too used to our technology, too complacent, too reliant, and too comfortable.

After all you are having riots in England because they are talking about no longer making their education over there ‘FREE.’

That is just insane to me. They are having riots over free education?

They have clearly gotten used to the Government coddling them.

I mean could you imagine if Yoda said to you, ‘you must unlearn what you have learned.’ That was a scary enough statement watching it be said to Luke Skywalker but can you imagine if that green guy said that to you!

Again we need a fundamental restoration and not a transformation. We have seen what that path has led to in the past. We need fresh ideas but grounded in the very real principles of our Republic.

We need to do this, to constantly be a sea of change but with solid bedrock to go back to, if we hope to survive.

Yes, maybe we can keep most of our stuff and get back to better freedom and just be free to play our games and use our plastic stuff and our IPhones, I really do not want to take away anyone’s freedom.

But we must honestly consider our modes of thinking and how to improve it, ourselves, our communities, our States, and then our Republic.

In 2012 this nation is going to be faced with three options when we get to election time. Three options that will determine how our Government looks at us, how we look at our Government, and how we look at each other, and then we can relate.

We are going to be, Yes We can, Yes I Can, and Yes you can.

Yes We can, it should be (again) the message of Barrack Obama… that together as one great society we will come together and fundamentally transform America, that we will get passed our wicked ways.

Yes I can, the Glenn Beck approach (mentioning him a lot), where the individual is going to be the change and is going to be able to rise up and solve our problems.

Yes You Can, where we empower others to be the change and we give people the facts, tell them what we think they should do with them, and then it is up to them.

And the winning strategy is?…. *drum roll*

I believe it is going to be Yes You Can.

Now first of all, from a purely political perspective can you imagine…well the damage of yes I can?

Yes I an heal the sick and wounded, I can lower the debt, I can win all of our wars and bring people home, I can give you the health care you need and heal all the problems of the world, and on the side I will win the Presidency! Woo go me!

Actually some of that sounds…sort of good. But in today’s climate would anyone accept that much arrogance?

The message, the winning message from any politician is going to be ‘Yes YOU Can.’

The Government has failed in many ways, we have run up a debt and all of our ‘solutions’ have only made the problem worse.

And what I will do, as your President, is try to get the Government off your back and get out-of-the-way so you can fix it.

Could you imagine the support such a politician would get? That it is not up to the Government to baby us?

It’s the message that I would use, it would be my slogan if you would. And I think we need to hear this from Washington.

We failed, we can help fix it and we need to do things in the Government that can help it, but in the end the solutions will come from You the People. And then the Government will try our best to protect you as you make those solutions and live your lives.

But also the message is more deep than that, it goes beyond pure politics. It comes down to we in our society and our people and our institutions.

It all goes back to Knowledge is Power, and the debate around that.

We have to empower others, we have to encourage them to be strong and make change and continue to get the message out and get ready. To save themselves, and be there for others.

We have to encourage others to help restore the Republic with us.

It is important for yes I can as well.

Yes I can be the change, yes I can restore the Republic, yes I can contribute to society, yes I can be a positive force and help each other out.

But we will do no good to people with just a collection of one of us or two of us or three of us.

We need to have a collection of strong individuals. (Sounds kid of Tea Partyish)

But if those strong individuals are only a small group of people raging at the night we are not going anywhere.

So we need to do our best.

Yes you can, you can save the Republic and you do not have to rely on Government, and you can help others. And if you do need help, I will be here.

(Ed. Note: Without a commitment of the PEOPLE of the country akin to the Manhattan project, or Apollo, We can’t. We have a beginning, keep the momentum growing is the battle cry.)

WikiLeaks: This story has been one of the most interesting story that I have run into a long time. It has led to the most discussion that I have had on any subject since health care. People asking me for comments, or my opinion, or even trying to find out what it is.

Now WikiLeaks is a story about one man, one website, getting a bunch of secret Government and Private Sector documents from various sources. And then releasing them to the public. Hacking the information and then getting it out there for any interested party.

And since then he has been called everything from a hero to a terrorist, people have called for his death, his imprisonment, and his shut down and neutralization, not to mention neuter without anesthetic.

But I think there is something wrong here. Something very wrong.

And despite everything that I have heard I am sure of very little in this case.

I tend to think of Julian Assange, the man running the site, as a villain…but you need to make up your own mind.

But we must understand him and his objectives if we are to understand what he is doing.

Julian Assange explains many of his positions here.

He says he is taking scalps, using Anarchist Tactics, and that the people do not know how to assess things properly. Does this sound like a friend of the liberty movement?

And regardless of anything else he is creating and causing tension in our society. Tension that others can exploit.

He is distributing hacked information and taking it and revealing it for the world to see. Taking private communications of ours, our allies, our friends, and our enemies, and several private companies.

Now I do applaud those who hunt for the truth, those who seek it out and try to provide it. I do really like the truth and finding it out, for sure, what is going on in the world. I am a proponent of the truth.

But to do it in this way? Really? Isn’t there publicly available information you can get out there?

I mean how would you, oh loyal reader, feel if your deepest, darkest, most intimate secrets and musings were put out there for the world to see?

This is a conflict. After all we do have the right to our privacy. And after all the Government cannot do to us what we cannot do to others, or the Government.

And then you have the people who stand with WikiLeaks, and the sources that we know about, Private Manning.

Various people on the left, it has been reported that lawyers working for George Soros’s open society institute works with WikiLeaks and is defending Private Manning. Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, and the Veterans for Peace.

A lot of the same people constantly showing up in groups together…coincidence?

But regardless, regardless of who supports him, or who he is, I think there is a lot of other information out there, regardless of ones opinion of him and his tactics…all of this is for you to decide. To go out there and get your own information concerning WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange. I cannot do this for you all I can do is give you the information that I have heard and learned about, and give you my opinion.

But there is something much deeper in this whole story.

It has occurred to me that this is a story about who we are as a people.

Politicians, Private Individuals, Authors, people I know, have called for his death, to charge him with treason, a crime, and to neutralize him and his organizations.

I have heard calls for the destruction of the website, calls for the shutting down of anyone who has anything at all to do with WikiLeaks, calls for anyone who distributes the information, any news source, to face punishments.

And with Net Neutrality kicking around somewhere, the control of the internet by the Government…could this be used as an excuse?

And where does this stop? If you are an news agency distributing this (Fox, MSNBC, Drudge, Beck,anyone?) where does this stop? Even if you are just talking about it?

We cannot become our own worse nightmare here, we cannot destroy the Republic, and we must go out there and continue to look for the truth.

We must continue to watch for enemies of the Republic, both within and without, we must remain vigilant.

We must watch for the politicians that would use this as an excuse to squash Civil Liberties, and our freedoms.

If there is a crime here, or that he has committed a crime..and a warrant has been called for his arrest (story) then great. If you can legitimately charge him under the law, then more the power to you.

But we cannot let them become an excuse for the continuing erosion of the remaining Liberties we have.

I was talking with my Dad, a while ago, just shortly after the election, and out of that conversation, I wanted to do something. I wanted to draw a box of possible outcomes and then post it, a grid of possible futures of the American Republic. But because of the suckiness of my drawing skills and some laziness, I did not end up doing so. So I will have to work without visual aids.

But that still leaves, where do I think we will end up as a Country? Right now? With what we are doing?

I think pretty much the only thing that is not in doubt is that we are going to go through a lot of pain. We have to do it. We have ignored Common Sense, we have ignored the Gods of the Copybook headings, and we are spending out of control.

The debt, the fever, and the disease, is way too far gone. If we start to heal and take our medicine, it’s going to be bitter, and we are going to hurt like hell, and most of us have to admit the full breadth and scopes of our problems without going off on some conspiratorial rant that helps no one or blaming those who should not be blamed…etc.

And we are going to have to do a lot of healing and we are going to be in the hospital for a long time.

Keeping this in mind there are only three ways I see this country going.

Either… we succeed, we go through our pain, our inflation, we make the tough choices of our budget, and we restore ourselves. We do the things that we have to do become the next great American Generation and then forge the future.

Not as an empire, not apart of some New World Order, but as a Republic. That can again be an example for the rest of humanity.

Or, we fail as a people. We fail and that is the end of the American Experiment.

And in so doing we become an Empire that would make the Roman Empire, Napoleon, and Hitler green with envy…

Or we divide up the continent and either fall under foreign influence or each piece will be their own country.

Some will be Republics, some will be Socialist, some may even be white supremacist and really discriminatory and isolationist.

OR, and I am not recommending this, we fail and then start over. We fail, the Republic collapses, but then the people slowly starts to rebuild it from the ground up.

We reset. First in our communities, then in our states, and then throughout the nation.

Anyway our future is fraught with trouble, with pain, and with complex dangers and threats.

We cannot escape this. We are too entangled abroad, our Government has grown too large, and we are spending way too much money.

We are getting involved in numerous foreign adventures, we are trying to provide every commodity and ‘basic human need’ under the sun free, but it costs the Government money.

We are doing these things.

And because we are we cannot avoid this.

But what we can do is prepare, prepare and begin to rebuild and restart the future. And make it brighter, with more liberty, and safer for us all.