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“The truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes wide.”
– Book of Origin

Not that I would normally agree with a fictional-genocidal -convert-or-die-religious order, but every once in a while you could find a pearl of wisdom even in the darkest places of refuse.

But this is one of my favorite pearls of wisdom I have ever gotten from a show, specifically SG-1, and the Ori.

And I think it is quite common sense too, no one can see the truth unless they are willing to hunt for it, strive for it, look for it, and be open to it no matter what it is.

But there is the problem and there is the rub, because Humans are very individual in their perspective. We really have no other choice in the matter.

But we can never fully open our eyes to the truth all the time and with both of them.

At the best we are usually going around with one eye wide open and one eye sort of hit and bashed in to where it is closed kind of and squinting around.

At the best we can ever see only one small part of the truth and we are constantly striving for it.

And at the worse we have too many people who just barely escaped from a beat down with their lives, they have one of their eyes completely closed and even the other eye has a slight wince from the damage done to their faces and refuse to look at a certain thing or another, or just to reject that something out of hand.

But it’s those whose eyes are the widest, and those whose hunt is the most intense, that should be praised, and that we should strive for.

To not deal with stereotypes and generalizations, to not deal with spite and let blind negative emotions get into the way, but to actually hunt for the truth.

Be passionate in it, but be clear in it.

Otherwise the truth will constantly elude you.



  1. Nice blog…but quoting from the wrong book *snort* I always try and get into the light….there you will find the truth as is states in the Bible, “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.” John 3:21
    😀 Because we all should know by now…that you can’t hide the truth from God.

    • No but we aren’t God…..

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