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Actually this should be “Only the Sith deal in absolutes absolutely”…because the Jedi have been known to deal in absolutes quite a lot too.

But this is one of my favorite kernels of wisdom in SWs, almost a throw away line in actuality, but an important one.

And I think it is one of the most important statements about humanity, good and evil, and our lot in life as it applies right now.

And I think dealing in absolutes is a path to great evil, it’s a path to the dark side.

I try to avoid them myself, I try to avoid absolutes and generalist statements wherever possible and use them only at the most sparing, if at all.

Now there are absolutes in this world, there is absolute good, and evil, and truth, and those who would want to strive towards them.

But we humans can only ever strive for one, to strive for an absolute, usually what we think is absolute good, to be more Godlike.

But to deal in absolutes, to make blanket statements about entire groups, one or the other. It is a path to evil.

Which is why I get so uppity about people who ‘over generalize’

We are not the enemies of the Republicans or the Democrats, and we are not the enemies of anyone absolute group. We are up against certain individuals in all of those groups that want to grow the Government and take over our lives.

Because part of the reason is that when you deal in groups, you only make the problems worse and more over bearing and seemingly unstoppable then they really are.

You make the situation hopeless because if everyone in society is against you, then you have very few options.

It makes the problem worse than it is, and with the problems that we do have it is reckless to do that. We are already facing too much to add problems onto it in our own minds, to treat all members of a group badly because of the actions of a few of its members.

And we cannot get into absolute statements of ideology where we can make a claim just because someone said something then that is the end all be all of their ideology, or just because we think they are something that means they are exactly like everyone else. We must be able to pick our individual arguments.

This is a path to the dark side, this is a path to evil.

And we must not let ourselves be consumed by it. We must not only deal in the realm of absolutes where we, as a species, do not live in.

All we can do is strive, strive for the individual.



  1. wooohoo nice post!

  2. exactly and actually this is the type of weaponry that pure evil or Satan uses to tempt humanity into believing in an evil way of thinking and gaining followers. That over generalizing and hate mongering only serves to breed intolerance for one another and that is what wars and unrest are reliant upon.

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