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It has been in the news an awful lot recently, with the new TSA procedures and the new body scanners and pat downs and generally over bearing security, and several other recent pieces of news….

Once again the debate between security and liberty, and the proper balance between the two, has been brought out full force.

As with everything the debate centers around, what measures do we as a society take…and allow to be achieve safety and security from a foreign and relentless threat?

In this debate there are no easy answers but it does seem to me that this is a flagrant violation of the scales of security that are trampling upon our rights.

And that the Government went into this situation half cocked without really thinking about the solutions and possible ramifications of what they were doing.

Groping, pat downs, machines that could cause harm to your body and where you have to make special considerations for yourself if you have a disability. Touching little children.

It can be said that I hardly blame the TSA agents for dealing with a situation not of their making, but whoever did this clearly went into it without thinking…. or considering the alternatives and less intrusive ways for us to be secure.

Now the main debate, an adjutant debate to this, is the issue of profiling. That it is wrong to treat anyone different from everyone else…so now what you have in essence is everyone having to suffer through something equally as everyone else…except some people with problems suffer more.

It has occurred to me that the best way to look at this is not with new and fancy, and bloated, technologies and procedures, but to deal with this like civilized beings and to look everywhere for a proper solution to the problem.

Like looking to Israel, they have had one of the best systems when it comes to protecting their people…instead of going half cocked into a plan that we do not know, maybe we should try the tried and true effectiveness of their security.

Or anyone else’s.

But it occurs to me that perhaps we should profile.

Now I am no expert, and I am not talking about on the basis of someones race, religion, or creed, but on types of individual behavior…whatever they might be.

Or in terms of someones gut.

Yes everyone is equal under the law and I really DO NOT want to take away from that but if an agent sees someone…anyone..acting suspiciously or something feels wrong to them…they should be able to act.

If they are wrong the person can go on his or her merry way, if right, congratulations.

Of course there needs to be a procedure to it all…again I am not an expert and cannot come up with a specific plan, but this seems a lot better plan than eliminating everyone’s liberties, the old, the young, and the people with some type of disability, on the basis of keeping us secure.

If we can deal with the individual while keeping everyone safe and secure, we should be allowed to do so.

Then there is also some talk of a Government official saying that we need to have a device in people’s cars that prevent them from dialing a cellphone within the confines of your car and making a call.

This is…not good.

First of all the nature of law, as I understand it, is only to doll out punishments to those who would break it. To not be used as a preventative measure.

There are many laws, do not drink and drive, do not speed, do not use your cellphone in your car. Many many laws.

But yet the laws are not designed for you to not break them, your car does not ‘stop’ when you reach the speed limit threshold. In fact if you want to risk it, you can….though however unwise and against common sense that might be.

And if you get caught, you face severe punishments.

Same with the Cell Phone usage, if you need a breathalyzer to start your car if you have been caught drinking and driving. If you get caught violating your privileges with a cellphone then you should have a disabled installed.

Freedom and Liberty is too great a gift to simply be abused in the name of ‘protection,’ but we do need strict punishments…in all cases…for those that would violate the trust we put in them.



  1. like the OCP in Robocop….the Office of Crime PREVENTION it was called…..they tried to do what you mentioned…use the law to stop crime from happening….leading to some fascist takeovers…..and some interesting program conflicts in Robocop….the popular conflict was that he was supposed to basically enforce the law but at the same time was never, EVER supposed to oppose an OCP officer….led to a conflict in programming when the 2 became mutually exclusive goals….LOL

    • I should watch that movie.

  2. Yeah it’s ridiculous to think you can have a law or a procedure to prevent all crimes from happening. Or to think you can punish the masses by limiting freedoms for the few evil who exploit them. I still think that no matter what we do the evil will always be one step ahead and they will find a way to get around the system….they always do. Does that mean drop all your defenses? Well no…but at least take reasonable precautions but don’t become obsessed with them so that the evil wins out by making us all prisoners in the cages of our own security. AND take responsibility for your OWN security and use YOUR own personal arsenal….we all have it….we have to just accept and use it.

    Again I love to point out what the Bible has to say on this…yeah I know you are going to kill me for doing this but really….people forget to look there these days….and that is such a shame. That is why you think Israel has the answer because maybe that is where they look first…in their Hebrew Bible to find answers…instead of creating more Man’s Law to prevent evil doing because that rarely gives you the answer or solves the problem completely.

    I like to use the New Living Translation for this cuz it is so profound…to me anyway….

    Proverbs 21:29-31

    29 The wicked bluff their way through,
    but the virtuous think before they act.

    30 No human wisdom or understanding or plan
    can stand against the Lord.

    31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle,
    but the victory belongs to the Lord.

    Again does this mean to just do away with all man made security? Certainly not….but each of us has to do our part and PRAY….PRAY to your God and in your own Faith to ask for the Lord’s protection and mercy and to expose the evil doers. I think so many times we get caught up in our man made weapons and defenses and security measures that we forget our main our BIGGEST defense and that is GOD…. GOD’S POWER. And the Power of Prayer. If you are going to go on a journey PRAY…. ask for protection and guidance and a safe journey. Will that always work? Possibly not…but at least it is using a very ancient powerful tool that so many people have long forgotten or dismissed as being crazy or stupid or meaningless.

    Just as the Bible says you can ready your horse (or tank, or sub, or fortify your city) only so much….but ultimately the victory resides with the Lord. PERIOD!

    • Ah ok. About Israel I was talking abotu one very specific example of security because yes, I agree with you. Pray like everything depends on God, act like everything depends on you.

  3. oh and another little story of Security and Safety from the Bible that I just love. Showing when you have faith in God and using His guidance in all situations during your travels (even if they don’t ‘make sense’) that you will prevail….even in the face of death.

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