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Knowledge is Power, but how you use that Power defines whether you are good…or evil.
– Daniel Jackson

Ah crap another blog!

I really wanted to be done with this by now…but I have been talking about fiction a lot recently…and then it occurred to me that I have to, have to, talk about this…perhaps my favorite piece of wisdom from a TV Show.

First of all, knowledge does not define us, it is our actions that always define us, whether we are good or evil. You may know how to shoot a gun, but very few of us actually use one to kill, or murder. And knowledge can be used for great power in any event, and how you act on the information you get can lead you to making a good, or a bad decision.

I think we all know…I mean I am pretty sure this is a safe assumption to make….that there is something deeply wrong in the world.

But the questions are, what to do about it, and who is doing it?

And who is doing what and for what reasons? Why are they doing it? What knowledge do they have?

Because some people use knowledge for great good, building and creating the future.

Some use it for evil, for hate, and destruction or to manipulate people against their will or their best interests into a path of money or power that is better for them.

Some people are apathetic, they watch the opinion shows or the news, say yeah yeah! and know whats going on…but do not do anything about it.

Some people choose to stick their heads in the sand…nope nothing’s wrong, I will just do math…it does not concern me. I will let our glorious leaders handle it!

Some people are preoccupied with their lives, their education, or learning to be bothered by our very real problems.

Some people are smart, and geniuses! in their own way and think that they know best and they can guide us to a better future.

Some people are dumb, don’t really have real knowledge and violate common sense but they think that they can still control people and manipulate the situation and build a brighter happier world.

Most of us are smart in one area, but not another.

But…knowledge is power…its power and its a disinfectant. You can choose to incorporate what you learn and grow and think on it, or you can choose not to. I don’t know, do what works best for you.

And oh how much I have learned in my lifetime, and the last two years.

Whether it is someone chatting about how great a President Woodrow Wilson was…or saying that George Bush has somehow magically ruined your life.

I can now say, yes George Bush may have not been the best President that we have ever had, but if he was such a bad cookie then why isn’t Obama. Or if Obama is so good why isn’t Bush so good…still puzziling out how to sell that to people…because they have pretty much the same policies, in many many…frightening…ways.

But Knowledge, in our own lives, is ultimately power.

Glenn Beck, on his program, has recently started saying “The only thing you have to fear, is being unprepared.”

Which is so true and I think it should resonate with a lot of people.

But prepare for what? That is the question. You still have to have some knowledge of what to prepare for.

What the worse case scenario is, what could happen in the event of an emergency, the steps you could take for you and your family to act accordingly.

Whether Gold, or Food Insurance, or anything else, is right for you…you have to figure out these things and learn these answers.

And then prepare yourself accordingly given what you believe is right about the information you are getting.

Knowledge is power, with it you can be informed, educated, prepared, and you know not to panic. The best way to not panic and to not fall into darkness is to have knowledge.

You know, its funny, because I watch Fox News, and every once in a while I hear a report. Oh Ireland is going to fail and then Portugal could fail and then if Spain fails then Europe could be in very deep doo doo.

Now imagine my reaction if this were the first I was hearing of this: AH! Ireland is failing and Portugal too and if Spain fails then its all over, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

But no, this is very old news to me, I watch the Glenn Beck show and he was talking about this…months in the past. Because I have the knowledge there is no need for me to panic, because I am not getting ambushed with this, then I can be prepared

So it has occurred to me though…what do you do if you believe you have good knowledge, if you have information, or a viewpoint, or an opinion, that you feel could be vital.

What do you do once you have the Knowledge, and have the power to act…for good.

I think it can be summed up in four steps.

1. How does this information effect you?

Once you have the information how does it change you, what does it do to you, and how do you incorporate it into your previous held information, or beliefs?

How does the election, the fact that most of the people you know are liberals, how does it change you? Will it change you?

How does this change your tactics and your goals and where you are moving and what you believe?

How are you going to move forward?

2. You have to get the information out there.

You must spread the word and tell people. Debate, engage, share, teach. No matter what you have to get this information out to as many people as possible.

And yeah…I know…its tough, especially with people who think it’s just about the Ds or the Rs.

But you must continue to engage.

And this does not have to be politically, or philosophically, you can do this on almost any major subject that you want.

3. Once you get the information out there, you have to encourage people how to act.

Imagine for a second, readership of this blog Conservatives…Libertarians. Imagine if this were the first time you had heard this, and I mean suddenly.

That you were talking with a friend and suddenly everything clicked with you and you had an awakening.

You would be pretty mad wouldn’t you? You would be upset, would you not? You may even want to bust some heads!

Now imagine us doing this to all of our friends, who may not be awake and who are at college and doing their best to lead their lives.

If they ever, ever, have a Eureka moment, then they would be mad as hell.

I know I would be. I am mad enough at the information already and I have been following it!

But you have to encourage them to not give into that hate and violence and anger. You have to encourage them to, A. Get that information out there, and B. to build a better future of love and unity.

We have to encourage people to be good.

4. We have to then decide what we are going to do about this.

First off, we have to do steps two and three first, now, while we can. We have to get more people moving in a direction that we feel best because then people are a lot more likely to have real solutions then just one or two.

We have to wake more people up and encourage them to get the information out there and be shelters because the more people we have on board, the more we are going to be able to save ourselves, and the more we can share the burden if things go to hell.

But then we have to figure out, especially if we come into resistance in the first two, what are we going to do about it?

What is our best role in life where we can be strong and do the most good?

Will we be teachers, members of the military, guides, I don’t know…what works best for you.

After we get the information and start passing it around, then, and only then, can we start doing things for ourselves and then figuring out…just what can I do?

How am I helping? Am I hurting? What needs to be done?

I think… if we do this..and we get informed and educated…we are going to be OK.



  1. Nice! And I loved the Daniel Jackson quote 😛 Yes Knowledge is power and I think I won’t reference the Bible in this one cuz you would probably ban me from making comments here in the future if I did that one everyone one AND you know where I stand on using the Bible as your knowledge base that goes without saying. But in your 4 step plan I would challenge you to switch around 3 and 4. I think to really encourage others to act you have to act yourself. I mean it’s ok to talk about and debate as you are deciding on your action plan but I think as a leader we must make our choice…pick our side first and act then encourage others to do so. We make our best arguments not from the fence straddled between two camps but only when we are firmly grounded in our own. Now will this bring down persecutors or hate mongers and nay sayers? OF COURSE IT WILL. But that is what it is all about…to try and convince people to stand with the good and the righteous and make the right choices and do the right thing. That is why IMO Glenn Beck takes so much heat…because he picks a camp and then stands firmly there and encourages others to join him….BUT only after they do their own homework and read and come to their own conclusions.

    I fear if you ask others to act first before you yourself have made the choice you really cannot make a convincing argument. SO yeah I agree with you…but maybe the order of your procedure could be tweaked a bit. 😛

    • Interesting position and I actually agree with you. Completly, you raise a very excellent point over all. But actually I do think the point was, to encourage others with the information we have and then decide what we are going to do with that information. Right then you have already picked your sides and your positions but are just learning what to do as more information comes in. besides debate, often enough, refines your opinions and information where you do know more about a subject.

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