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Ah yes this keeps on growing and growing until now I am writing two blogs about it…though this is a little late.

Something has occurred to me in thinking about this case though, naturally several things actually…but this is a study in tactics of two groups. Of tactics and the modes of thoughts in two groups.

This is a study in ones personal responsibility to the truth and to information, about getting information, how you get the information out, and what you do with that information when you get it out there.

It is literally about the knowledge of power, and having people using it for good, or for evil.

We have a case of two very divergent tactics, two seemingly opposite sets of political ideologies, in the case of Glenn Beck and Julian Assange. But I think the differences here are striking, and can help us determine who Julian Assange is and what his intentions are.

We have one man, constantly trying to expose the facts of the case, give his opinion, and then encourage people to take responsibility, prepare, get this information out there, and to be the highest people you can be.

Then we have another just giving out information…and says he is doing it to bring down Governments and for Anarchist tactics. Worse the people around him are actively trying to bring down our system of Government.

We have one man who does not have all the information, who does not have all of the facts, who is not really in the Big Government circle, but can draw conclusions from the facts and statements and information that he does have and still encourage people to be ready and continue to find information…properly.

Then we have another man who is getting information by any means necessary, including through hacking and obtaining information from hackers. Who has a seeming disregard what this information might do as long as people know the truth…which is not bad but I would like to see some responsibility.

We have one man’s group of fans and followers and political activists who, for the most part, do not commit criminal actions, are not really into the whole revolution just a restoration, and who are trying to prepare. And even if someone commits acts of terrible violence or crime in his name, he opposes it, rejects it, and condemns it strongly.

Then we have another man, whose followers and people who are aligned with him..again for the most part there are people who are legitimately protesting his treatment…who are hacking and then trying to shut down any website or group that opposes the man that they are trying to support. And yet I have not heard a peep condemning these possibly illegal, but definitely stupid and dangerous tactics…that serve no one.

Julian Assange: He is either a hero, a villain, a devil, a saint, a terrorist, a messenger, a danger, a threat, a man who is trying to expose Government, or an anarchist.

I do not know what he is.

But its interesting that he is either a free market Libertarian that just wants to see transparency, (story).

Or he is a person who is engaging in Anarchist tactics and trying to hunt for the scalps of people and bring down the establishment using WikiLeaks. (Story).

It is tough to pigeonhole him, tough for me to find out and divine his intentions. It is tough for me, and it is tough for him to do that either. By his own admission in the Forbes article.

But it is so tough to judge him. And I have come up with two possible scenarios.

Based on the people around him and he has surrounded himself by, and aligned himself with I have come up with two possibilities.

He is either part of this agenda, to help end the United States Government and Governments around the world and collapse them for whatever reason into a Global Structure. He is complicate with that agenda or whatever his agenda and those of his allies are.

Or he is being used.

You see, I get complained at for being a fan of Glenn Beck an awful lot. Oh he is an opinion maker! Oh that is dangerous and you should make your own opinions on the facts! Oh he is using and manipulating the facts to serve his own agenda! Fine fine, if you believe it, good for you.

But what this comes down to is what I like to call weatherman Journalism, where its a balmy 78 out and we have a low pressure system moving in…versus Context Journalism…opinion Journalism. People who try to connect the dots and do the best to give us much-needed context.

Because you see if Julian Assange was being used, if he was being manipulated and the facts that he is exposing were being twisted by those who have a different agenda then his then he has a personal responsibility to expose it.

You see he has a personal responsibility to go out there and to encourage people not only what the information was, that the Government is screwing us….uh…watch Beck sometime…but also what to do with that information.

To go out, get the information out there, take your protest out on the streets and peacefully try to get the information out there. To vote at the ballot box and try to get the people out of there that are dangerous to liberty and to the free people everywhere.

That he would encourage people to find legal recourses to bring about a change of Government.

Because if he and his information that has been released was being manipulated and used to cause tension and to collapse the system then he has a responsibility and a duty to fight those people.

It’s what I would do if someone was using this blog as a motivation for violence and revolution, I would be pissed and I would and do condemn those people.

If he is complicate and his agenda is in alignment with all these people…the bad people who have an agenda to collapse the US Government…then he is a threat.

A threat to liberty and our way of life.

Not one we have to deal with legally, not one where we have to create new laws that will crush our liberty, but one we can still oppose and counter and condemn him and learn the proper principles.

We can still learn from him, but lets not become him or support him. If he is a threat.

And on a final note, its interesting to me. Beck does everything he can to advocate peace, and brotherhood, and to be our best selves, and he is accused of starting a violent revolution and to be dangerous. Meanwhile Julian Assange uses words like ‘Anarchist tactics’ and ‘taking people’s scalps’, and he is called a hero by many of the same people who are against Glenn Beck.




  1. Interesting points. Another factoid: One man is an American, one man is Anti-American…

  2. Yeah ironic isn’t it? 😛 I think like you said it all boils down to…what you are doing. If you are doing things witnin the law and obtaining your information above board and legal and then forming an opinion based on that…that is one thing but to hack and break the law and obtain information that is meant to be confidential in nature…(even if you are working towards the same end goal) That is not good….and well criminal. It’s the difference between getting Oxycontin legally for pain management from a doctor verses hitting up a drug dealer on the street for it. The end result is you got the drug you may need for pain but to what end were you willing to get it? One is clearly legal the other is not. Period.

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