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I want to do something a bit outside of the norm in this blogs history…*snort*… and talk about…well what happens if we fail. What happens if the United States fails, in all of the ways that I think we can fail. And in all the ways we can.

What happens? What are our responsibilities? This is not to be hopeless, but what responsibilities do we have in the future.

You see, I think the answer has to do with the newest Robin Hood movie, it came to me watching it.

And with Jesus, and the Romans, and the Greeks, and the Egyptians, and Martin Luther, and Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, and the British Empire, and…almost everywhere.

You see we, like they, have a legacy. We have a responsibility to fight, to think, and to make our voices heard, now. Right now. Even if it is hopeless and we are doomed as a people and a country.

Because if we fail, if we let the World Down and the World turns to great darkness then the future needs a voice. An example to follow. And this is our legacy to future people.

To anyone who wants to try this again. To fight for their own liberty, their own freedom, their own ideas, and their own Republic.

We must be an example to the future, a blueprint. Like the great Republics, and even the tyrants, have been to us.

Because no matter how much anyone in the future will try to bury the past, no matter how much they will claim that Republican ideals and the American experiment has failed, no matter how much they might distort…we will be heard.

Because the great Republics of the past and the great tyrannies and the great people’s of the past are separated by us by thousands of years of history. And thousands of years of blood and pain.

But yet we have information, we have knowledge, we actually know how they lived, how they did not live. And more importantly the mistakes, and the things they did well.

We know about the debt, getting too embroiled in foreign wars, a Government that goes from representing the People, to representing their own interests and pleasures, whatever they may be.

We know all of this. No matter how much people may distort our history and our perceptions of it, no matter how many years have passed between now and then, we still have this. This information is out there for anyone who is curious.

This is our duty and our responsibility for the future. Because if we just say…meh its hopeless…meh the Republic is doomed…meh God is done with Human liberty for now…meh lets just run out the string…then we are done.

But we also have another legacy, a more important one.

We have to decide right here, right now, what we want for the future of our Republic and our Children.

What kind of society will we give them.

A safe and secure one, or one that lives in fear?

A one with massive debt or one with financial security?

One with Liberty? Or one of tyranny?

This is what we have to do if we are to make it, or if we must pay for our sins with the Death of this Republic that we love, then we must make sure the future can avoid our mistakes.



  1. good

    • whats good?

  2. Yeah ….we have a responsibility to pass on the history of our own lives to our children and they to their children and so forth. Even if it is only in storytelling.

    But I know how I felt when I was at my mom’s house and looking through our old family picture albums and all her old pictures were in such nice and neat order and everything was pasted in with such care. But then as time went on and it was clear when she really got busy (probably after having 3 children) that all the pictures suddenly had a rubber band around them and were tossed into a shoe box. Her busy life was further evidenced by how she, at close examination of my sister’s baby books, had it all filled out neatly and there were pages and pages of cute stories about their first steps and photos documenting the event…but not so much in mine.

    See I am the baby of the family….so I was excited to read this in my sisters books but then I come to my own baby book and it had maybe a few sentences scrawled in it with a picture maybe stuck down in the binding. My heart sank when I flipped blank page after blank page in my own book. And I asked my mom….. “mom why didn’t you fill out my baby book like you did my sister’s?” (Now granted my other sister (the middle one) didn’t have as much as our oldest sister but she had more than me!) “Well” She replied… “I got very busy!” Well I from that day forward may it may personal responsibility to write and document equally in all my kids baby books and I even kept journals that I want to some day turn over to them so that they may read them… own account of what had happened. I still write to them and stick a loose leaf paper of my account of a special event in their lives that had affected us into their book. I have even been teased by them saying OMG Mom ….why are you still writing in our baby books? Well they will be grateful one day when I am dead and gone….but they just don’t know it yet.

    And I will catch myself reading them from time to time and be amazed by how much I had forgotten the details and how muddled my memories have become over the years…that is why scribes are so important to write things down as soon as you can while they are still fresh in your mind.

    Because time does have a way of making the details disappear or stretching the stories or the truth. We have to be mindful of our responsibility to write down for our children what has happened and how their lives were affected by what was going on around them…. otherwise it will be lost forever.

    • Wow. Very interesting perspectives on this…another blog that I want to read again…actually maybe you could blog about this. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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