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I am a young person, who is just starting out in life and trying to gain practical real world experience. That much…I hope is obvious. I try to give my opinions based on the facts and the information I receive and present them to you. I give my own insight of what is necessary to save the Republic, get back to fundamental principles, and try to hold the line. I try to encourage debate, and modes of behavior from my own limited perspective.

But in that vein, I often may be a little over my head.

Now is such a moment.

I am not a General…a politician, a President, a chief of staff, a Secretary Defense or a military pundit. I am woefully unequipped to render an opinion on this most delicate of topics. Even more so than in most of the other topics I discuss on this blog.

But that has never stopped me before, and I do think there are a few key points that I can bring up and discuss. A few points that I can make.

If the United States is to do any good on the World Stage we must learn to look at things from a fresh perspective. We must learn how to look at the world, our role in it, our allies, and the very future of war with new eyes.

Because we are the most powerful Military in the History of man. We have the technology, the ships, planes, equipment, and soldiers that can dominate many of the Militaries around the world.

But this military has come at a price. In blood, in money, and with our men and women of our armed forces being put in harm’s way around the world. Where if a crisis is to break out anywhere, it is likely that we will be spending more blood and money to try to put it out and scramble.

We have way too many hot zones around the world, way too many areas that we are invested in, we are spread way too thin.

And we are doing this in the middle of a massive recession, massive spending problems, massive problems around the world, and with politicians that do not know how to properly use our Military when they are sent into harms way.

We simply cannot afford it, and with the weaknesses in our Government it just causes the lives of hundreds and thousands of American to be lost needlessly.

We do not have to, and it does not seem that we can afford to, be the World’s Policeman…if you will forgive me for using such a ridiculous term. And while I do like American Power and think we can use it for great good around the world, we do not have to do that either.

Because we are spending so much on Military, and so invested, that it is dragging us down. I appreciate the sacrifice and danger of our men and women, but there is so much fat that can be cut from the military.

We can still give them the equipment and the training they need to survive, and be the dominant Military on the Planet…or one of them. But we have to begin to cut away the fat.

The Military bases everywhere, the Military bureaucracy…etc.

And this is to not suggest either that we do the absolutist solution of not having a Foreign Policy or to be a force on the World Stage. I do not favor Isolationism.

What I do favor is that we can pick a few places to keep Military bases and Military funding around the world, the best places and most strategic places to support our allies.

In Europe, in Asia, and in Japan. One or two countries that will want our presence and we can work with. Close the rest.

We will then move from a dominant force in any war to a supporting role. Let the Koreans and the Israelis, for example, fight their own battles and their own wars on their soil. Let them do most of the fighting. We can be there to support. We can be there to use our Fighters, our Airforce, our Navy, and our Missiles to strategically help.

Which will limit the danger to our servicemen, and hopefully still support and defend our allies.

We can use our Special Forces and our Air dominance, and we can be a helpful force on the world stage.

But if we are to save the Republic, we do need to take steps back.



  1. Nice post. All very good points. There are a few sites that I’ve registered at in order to comment, but they are few and far between.

  2. Agreed….and I am also woefully uneducated in this topic but I agree that we spend way too much on foreign aid and on being the biggest and the best military in the world. I’m not sure how….but yeah I think we need to cut what we can in this area without sacrificing our own national security. But why can’t we work on bringing other dominate leaders of our world up to the plate to help in policing the world so we are not the only ones doing it? That should be a shared responsibility.

    • It should be but it is often not. Aid like this comes in two types, actual personel, and troops, and just giving people equipment. The Israelis get a lot of American Equipment but not soldiers. And then like with NATO, Japan, or South Korea where we actually have to provide actual defense. You see in many many cases, either through treaty or through countries not giving a damn, you have the UNited States taking the place of the countries defense. Like in…well many cases. Not in the case of Germany, Israel, the UK, or South Korea, they do have powerful militaries all of their own, but the fact is we do have major defense obligations.

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