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I was talking with my Dad, a while ago, just shortly after the election, and out of that conversation, I wanted to do something. I wanted to draw a box of possible outcomes and then post it, a grid of possible futures of the American Republic. But because of the suckiness of my drawing skills and some laziness, I did not end up doing so. So I will have to work without visual aids.

But that still leaves, where do I think we will end up as a Country? Right now? With what we are doing?

I think pretty much the only thing that is not in doubt is that we are going to go through a lot of pain. We have to do it. We have ignored Common Sense, we have ignored the Gods of the Copybook headings, and we are spending out of control.

The debt, the fever, and the disease, is way too far gone. If we start to heal and take our medicine, it’s going to be bitter, and we are going to hurt like hell, and most of us have to admit the full breadth and scopes of our problems without going off on some conspiratorial rant that helps no one or blaming those who should not be blamed…etc.

And we are going to have to do a lot of healing and we are going to be in the hospital for a long time.

Keeping this in mind there are only three ways I see this country going.

Either… we succeed, we go through our pain, our inflation, we make the tough choices of our budget, and we restore ourselves. We do the things that we have to do become the next great American Generation and then forge the future.

Not as an empire, not apart of some New World Order, but as a Republic. That can again be an example for the rest of humanity.

Or, we fail as a people. We fail and that is the end of the American Experiment.

And in so doing we become an Empire that would make the Roman Empire, Napoleon, and Hitler green with envy…

Or we divide up the continent and either fall under foreign influence or each piece will be their own country.

Some will be Republics, some will be Socialist, some may even be white supremacist and really discriminatory and isolationist.

OR, and I am not recommending this, we fail and then start over. We fail, the Republic collapses, but then the people slowly starts to rebuild it from the ground up.

We reset. First in our communities, then in our states, and then throughout the nation.

Anyway our future is fraught with trouble, with pain, and with complex dangers and threats.

We cannot escape this. We are too entangled abroad, our Government has grown too large, and we are spending way too much money.

We are getting involved in numerous foreign adventures, we are trying to provide every commodity and ‘basic human need’ under the sun free, but it costs the Government money.

We are doing these things.

And because we are we cannot avoid this.

But what we can do is prepare, prepare and begin to rebuild and restart the future. And make it brighter, with more liberty, and safer for us all.


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  1. Gee… you should have told me… I would have been happy to help you “draw” your visual for this. ๐Ÿ˜› I love visuals and I think they can be powerful sometimes. Not that your words alone can’t be…but coupled with them….it could drive the point home even further ๐Ÿ˜€

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