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WikiLeaks: This story has been one of the most interesting story that I have run into a long time. It has led to the most discussion that I have had on any subject since health care. People asking me for comments, or my opinion, or even trying to find out what it is.

Now WikiLeaks is a story about one man, one website, getting a bunch of secret Government and Private Sector documents from various sources. And then releasing them to the public. Hacking the information and then getting it out there for any interested party.

And since then he has been called everything from a hero to a terrorist, people have called for his death, his imprisonment, and his shut down and neutralization, not to mention neuter without anesthetic.

But I think there is something wrong here. Something very wrong.

And despite everything that I have heard I am sure of very little in this case.

I tend to think of Julian Assange, the man running the site, as a villain…but you need to make up your own mind.

But we must understand him and his objectives if we are to understand what he is doing.

Julian Assange explains many of his positions here.

He says he is taking scalps, using Anarchist Tactics, and that the people do not know how to assess things properly. Does this sound like a friend of the liberty movement?

And regardless of anything else he is creating and causing tension in our society. Tension that others can exploit.

He is distributing hacked information and taking it and revealing it for the world to see. Taking private communications of ours, our allies, our friends, and our enemies, and several private companies.

Now I do applaud those who hunt for the truth, those who seek it out and try to provide it. I do really like the truth and finding it out, for sure, what is going on in the world. I am a proponent of the truth.

But to do it in this way? Really? Isn’t there publicly available information you can get out there?

I mean how would you, oh loyal reader, feel if your deepest, darkest, most intimate secrets and musings were put out there for the world to see?

This is a conflict. After all we do have the right to our privacy. And after all the Government cannot do to us what we cannot do to others, or the Government.

And then you have the people who stand with WikiLeaks, and the sources that we know about, Private Manning.

Various people on the left, it has been reported that lawyers working for George Soros’s open society institute works with WikiLeaks and is defending Private Manning. Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, and the Veterans for Peace.

A lot of the same people constantly showing up in groups together…coincidence?

But regardless, regardless of who supports him, or who he is, I think there is a lot of other information out there, regardless of ones opinion of him and his tactics…all of this is for you to decide. To go out there and get your own information concerning WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange. I cannot do this for you all I can do is give you the information that I have heard and learned about, and give you my opinion.

But there is something much deeper in this whole story.

It has occurred to me that this is a story about who we are as a people.

Politicians, Private Individuals, Authors, people I know, have called for his death, to charge him with treason, a crime, and to neutralize him and his organizations.

I have heard calls for the destruction of the website, calls for the shutting down of anyone who has anything at all to do with WikiLeaks, calls for anyone who distributes the information, any news source, to face punishments.

And with Net Neutrality kicking around somewhere, the control of the internet by the Government…could this be used as an excuse?

And where does this stop? If you are an news agency distributing this (Fox, MSNBC, Drudge, Beck,anyone?) where does this stop? Even if you are just talking about it?

We cannot become our own worse nightmare here, we cannot destroy the Republic, and we must go out there and continue to look for the truth.

We must continue to watch for enemies of the Republic, both within and without, we must remain vigilant.

We must watch for the politicians that would use this as an excuse to squash Civil Liberties, and our freedoms.

If there is a crime here, or that he has committed a crime..and a warrant has been called for his arrest (story) then great. If you can legitimately charge him under the law, then more the power to you.

But we cannot let them become an excuse for the continuing erosion of the remaining Liberties we have.


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