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In 2012 this nation is going to be faced with three options when we get to election time. Three options that will determine how our Government looks at us, how we look at our Government, and how we look at each other, and then we can relate.

We are going to be, Yes We can, Yes I Can, and Yes you can.

Yes We can, it should be (again) the message of Barrack Obama… that together as one great society we will come together and fundamentally transform America, that we will get passed our wicked ways.

Yes I can, the Glenn Beck approach (mentioning him a lot), where the individual is going to be the change and is going to be able to rise up and solve our problems.

Yes You Can, where we empower others to be the change and we give people the facts, tell them what we think they should do with them, and then it is up to them.

And the winning strategy is?…. *drum roll*

I believe it is going to be Yes You Can.

Now first of all, from a purely political perspective can you imagine…well the damage of yes I can?

Yes I an heal the sick and wounded, I can lower the debt, I can win all of our wars and bring people home, I can give you the health care you need and heal all the problems of the world, and on the side I will win the Presidency! Woo go me!

Actually some of that sounds…sort of good. But in today’s climate would anyone accept that much arrogance?

The message, the winning message from any politician is going to be ‘Yes YOU Can.’

The Government has failed in many ways, we have run up a debt and all of our ‘solutions’ have only made the problem worse.

And what I will do, as your President, is try to get the Government off your back and get out-of-the-way so you can fix it.

Could you imagine the support such a politician would get? That it is not up to the Government to baby us?

It’s the message that I would use, it would be my slogan if you would. And I think we need to hear this from Washington.

We failed, we can help fix it and we need to do things in the Government that can help it, but in the end the solutions will come from You the People. And then the Government will try our best to protect you as you make those solutions and live your lives.

But also the message is more deep than that, it goes beyond pure politics. It comes down to we in our society and our people and our institutions.

It all goes back to Knowledge is Power, and the debate around that.

We have to empower others, we have to encourage them to be strong and make change and continue to get the message out and get ready. To save themselves, and be there for others.

We have to encourage others to help restore the Republic with us.

It is important for yes I can as well.

Yes I can be the change, yes I can restore the Republic, yes I can contribute to society, yes I can be a positive force and help each other out.

But we will do no good to people with just a collection of one of us or two of us or three of us.

We need to have a collection of strong individuals. (Sounds kid of Tea Partyish)

But if those strong individuals are only a small group of people raging at the night we are not going anywhere.

So we need to do our best.

Yes you can, you can save the Republic and you do not have to rely on Government, and you can help others. And if you do need help, I will be here.

(Ed. Note: Without a commitment of the PEOPLE of the country akin to the Manhattan project, or Apollo, We can’t. We have a beginning, keep the momentum growing is the battle cry.)



  1. Great Blog! 🙂 Now….If only everyone would do their part…that’s the tricky thing.

    • Especially when a lot of people do want to realy on Government to do it.

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