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A while ago I was on the and I am across this story.

And it got me thinking. What else is new…. about a lot of stuff actually.

Mainly…just what is Christmas…like last year…this blog is just going to be…what is Christmas about? What is it? And why is it important?

This blog…is going to be controversial…but bare with me I think you can like it in the end. No matter who you are. I would be surprised if you didn’t.

What Christmas is, is the celebrating the birth of a man, one specific and unique individual who has since changed the world. Some believe him to be the Son of God, some believe him to be a prophet and a shining beacon for humanity. But this is what Christmas is.

The celebration and the coming together of the human race to be charitable, gift giving, and following examples of love and brother hood. It is so much more than a simple holiday to get together about gifts…though I struggle with that because it is about the gift giving and receiving to me for much of my life.

But unless you believe that Jesus never existed and never was born…can’t we celebrate the birth of the man?

Like we do with Presidents, and Philosophers, and advocates for peace and love?

Though I reckon Jesus was a better person then many of those people.

Whether you are Christian or not can we still come together and celebrate this man?

No matter who you are or what you are…many people scoff Christians and their principles…can’t we get together and follow the principles of Christmas…the lessons of Christmas….of love and togetherness and giving.

And can we not honor the life of one of, if not the, greatest human being who ever lived?

Sure many people scoff at the resurrection, or the healing of the sick in such massive numbers, or the miracles and the things that defy logic or things that cannot be done today…

But shouldn’t that be the point?

Even if you take out the religiosity, even if you look at the stories and say, bah that’s impossible!, you still have to admit that what he did was pretty special.

And that is part of the point to. Because Jesus was, such a good man, by all the accounts that I have heard, that people do scoff…he can’t do that…he can’t raise the sick and dead!…he cannot heal so many people at once! That was impossible.

Even if it is shouldn’t we be striving to be more like that? To help people and to heal their wounds and to share our love and brotherhood?

Should we not be striving to be more like Jesus’s example, and follow the very real and important lessons, that tell of his entire story from his birth 2000 years ago.

After all again many people do not believe in the resurrection or believe in the possibility of one person forgiving an entire race for their sins…but yet…without the ability for us to rest and then start over again…well our lives would be very bleak.

If we could not fix and move past and redeem ourselves for our sins then we are truly doomed.

Because here is what I believe, about Jesus, that no matter what he and his story is one of the best examples of humanity.

And in following those principles and the lessons that the story suggest could very well be the key to spiritual salvation. Be the key for the salvation of our souls in the after life.

And if you do not believe in an after life then at the very least I believe that following these principles and being more Christ like is the key to the salvation of our Republic and our people.

Merry Christmas everyone.



  1. nice blog…..:-)

    we’ll make a Christian outta you yet….LOL….:-P

    • lol

      I am really beginning to doubt it. 🙂

  2. Awesome! And yeah but if only!! 🙂

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