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Nobody talks about, or very few people who I have heard, has even considered or talked about what would happen the day after December 21st 2012, the day after the Mayan prophecy comes to fruition.

If anything at all.

Because I am not sure what will happen on December 21st, I am not sure if we will have first contact, or the poles will shift or the cosmic stars will align in our destruction. I am not sure of any of the supernatural or many of the real things that could happen to this world that would end it. Or at least human existence.

But it does seem to me like this is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Because many things that have been building for years and years seem to be coming to a head in the near future. Within the next year or so…within that 2012 time frame. Things that could have drastic consequences for us as Americans or for the World as a whole.

We have an election that is going to be happening one month before December of 2012.

A debt, a credit, and a budget problem that continues to grow and the politicians are showing very little willpower in actually wanting to stop it.

Iran, and North Korea are developing Nuclear Weapons and threatening their neighbors…despite Iran’s protests to the contrary. Venezuela is now buying missiles that can strike the Southern US. (Story…Frightening Story)

The US is continuing to grow Government control and enslavement to Government, and cause tension within our borders.

You have people from Julian Assange to others calling for revolutions, anarchists, and a complete obliteration of our Governments, fundamentally transforming them into who knows what.

You have the rise of anarchists, Communists, and Fascists all throughout the World. You have a rise in Nationalist sentiment…anti Jewish sentiment… and protesters decrying the evils of the Governments who are trying to lessen their Government’s role in their society.

You have China on the rise and some people calling them the New World Model for successful Governance.

And you have a political class in the United States who remains largely apathetic if not downright implicate in many of the Problems we do face.

We have two wars going on and several other places that could easily develop into further wars.

In short we have a lot of problems gang, and I am not exactly sure how to fix many of them. And many of these situations are still in development and we may not see the fruits of these situations until well into 2012, and maybe even beyond.

So I do wonder what the country will look like on December 22nd 2012? I wonder what the World will look like…after all there are many ways to end a world.



  1. yeah…it’s scary what I’ve borne witness to….a decision that greatly increased the rate at which babies are murdered inside their mothers’ wombs…..a decision that also gav rise to one of the greatest ironies….the irony is that the “Roe” in that court decision repented and became Catholic….I wish she’d done that BEFORE the conclusion of the case……but it’s scary that not even the opinion of the reformed “Roe” matters anymore

    • WHOA:O. I did not know this…thank you Joe. 🙂

      But it just would have been someone else they would have used, you know how the Supreme Court works.

  2. yeah it is truly scary stuff going on now. Not to mention the giant Earthquakes, Tsunamis and tornadoes all along the world as if all the man made disasters were not enough. *sigh*

    • tell me about it.

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