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Christmas was a few days ago and with it we celebrated the gifts that keep on giving. Of material wealth, but of also great love and friendship and great principles.

But…Congress and the President was busy stuffing our stockings with a new wave of legislation, rulings, and regulations just in time for the holidays, working up till the very last moment.

From the START treaty being ratified, to the repeal of DADT, to new taxes, and continuation of the Government, and Military spending bills, and food safety bills, and Net neutrality.

And even the stuff that did not pass, like the DREAM act and yet another massive spending bill.

The congress, the FCC, and the President has given us a lot to contemplate as we go from Christmas and festivities and look forward to a new year. A lot of stuff that frankly has changed our lives and the speed of this has been almost astounding to behold.

With all of these bills coming out once again the conversation has happened again. Between Liberty and Tyranny, Freedom and Slavery, and exactly what are the proper principles and the proper way of doing things are.

And here I am wondering if there cannot be a better way of doing things.

Especially in regards to the DREAM Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

I think both of these bills can be handled and done better and needed a lot more work before they were done.

In regards to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when I thought we might be getting something good on it, when I thought the Congress was going to achieve its responsibility that I laid out in this blog, but instead you have the Congress doing what I feared that Courts would do.

Throwing out the baby with the bath water.

No matter how much some Libertarians and Liberals pat themselves on the back and say, “hoorah now gays have the freedom to serve openly hip hip hooray!”, no matter how much they do this and no matter how much they celebrate this was purely irresponsible of the US Congress.

At least as far as what I have heard and read about the bill says.

It was a complete repeal of DADT, it was a complete throwing out the baby and the bath water.

We do not have the opportunity to make the bill better and the policy, we do not have the opportunity to improve our freedoms or our society. And we do not know how this will affect anything. We really do not know if this will mean that gayness will now be a part of military service when sexuality should not be anywhere near our Military service.

We do not know what this will now do for Unit cohesion, we do not know what other laws and regulations will need to be done, we do not know how this will affect shower arrangements, living arrangements, and how people serve and give orders.

We do not know anything, and to make this major change without knowing many of those things in the middle of war-time is purely reckless.

Yes we can make it better, yes we can change it, and yes we could make our military more free but the fact remains that the Congress has now abdicated their responsibility for Political expediency.

And the fact remains that the Congress will now have to deal with many of these problems in the future. We will see how it goes.

I do not care if you are gay or want to serve your country, I have heard from Military and former Military that do not care if you are gay, and many Conservatives and Libertarians I know also do not care.

If you want to serve for your country, again you can.

But…well we do not even know what the heck openly serving gays means do we?

And if you think DADT should have been repealed and you agree with the decision then use logic and explain it to me and not insult me. Thank you.

And then the DREAM Act.

This should make anyone who is Libertarian scream.

Yes it may give poor innocent people the chance to freely be apart of this country and then go to school and pay taxes and be citizens.

But it spends federal money and makes them open to certain Government sponsored grants as a result. Though the entire loan industry is going to be taken over by the feds so…yeah its going to cost money.

It has occurred to me, though, that you can do this privately.

As far as I know you can still become a citizen of this country through Military service. Or through going back to your country and getting back in line.

But instead of the Government solving this…why not Private individuals…its been done in other cases like DUI.

Basically, what I propose, is to set up charities and sponsorships for people.

To have people wealthy Latinos…or well anyone..set up shop and give our grants and money to anyone and then they can go and learn at any institution.

And then you can have these people sponsor these children of illegals for citizenship on their own. Have them do the legal work and stuff. Or anyone for that matter.

This might not be the perfect solution, and I know this is going to get a lot of heat, but at the same time it is a lot better than continuing to drag us into debt thanks to the DREAM Act.



  1. correct as per usual

    • thank you as per usual. 😉

    • Actually christmas is amazing issue in our life. Actually in this day president has many responsibilities. Thanks for your deep post.

  2. We all know that Christmas is special day. Really Very nice and informative post. Thanks.

  3. I just hope and pray that the bill that will be passed is for the good of all people.

  4. I think I agree with you that with that may give poor innocent people the chance to freely be apart of this country and then go to school and pay taxes and be citizens. If they think that DADT is important, is wrong.
    Charities and sponsorships for people is important to bring the equality of all of the people than all of that.

  5. Some of those bills are really required but can’t understand all those expensive one! I guess We should have an education stream dedicated to it…

  6. Perfect Christmas wish from US Government.
    This should make anyone who is Libertarian scream

  7. nice, it is very good

  8. nice, it is very good.

  9. Very nice article about the US Government Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

  10. wait and hope with the dream of change by Obama. your solution proposal is perfect.

  11. correct as per usual . thank you as per usual .

  12. Very good idea may not be the proposed solution is a perfect solution as written in the blog but thought behind it is really deserve an appreciatiion

  13. Despite many people from all over the world think that The U.S. is the world’s greatest democracy, The U.S. government doesn’t represent the will of American citizens!

    • Tri AMutianingsih
    • Posted January 10, 2011 at 3:52 am
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    There are lots of thing we can do to make everything better and these small steps already taken.
    Hopefully everything will get better.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. i think all bills should properly use in right section. If it is possible to handle out all bills properly, I believe all problem can solve easily.

  15. Thanks for the informative article. its nice & perfect for us……i like it………..

  16. I think this is the perfect solution. Government should take actions like this.Charities make the society better.

  17. Yeah, i don’t think there are many people agreeing with the actions taken by US government. People should at least try your solution and hope for better results!

  18. Yes! I do appreciate your concern about the society and the private people and government both should work together to improve the social scenario.

  19. Thanks for your nice post. yes you are very right, it’s very as usual, what happened everything year.

  20. Congress, the FCC, and the President are always greeting their country people. USA people accept all time for their civilization benefit. They wish president & ministry solve their all problems. At last all USA country men are trying to save their liberation.

  21. Yes! I agree with you totally that both private people and Government should work together to improve the conditions.

  22. thank you so much for this post to realized our responsibilities.keep it up.

  23. that’s really true and correct…

  24. Please wait and see in nearly future.

  25. I read the blog thoroughly.It seems to me real.I like the blog for its principle.

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