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I wanted to do the first actual real life non BOW blog with this idea…before getting back to the grind of politics and philosophy.

I want to create a list of Libertarian ‘pop culture.’ Shows, movies, TV, Books, songs, that can have potential Libertarian themes in them…or that Libertarians can learn a great deal from.

Now this is by far not a complete list, and in fact the plan is to update it with a new blog each and every year that this blog can be up and running and posting to update it with new suggestions. Suggestions from friends and commentators on all the places that this blog is.

I will try to get to them, can’t make any promises, but I will recommend and pass along the thought.

So without further delay, the list:

Movies: Harry Potter Series, Lord of the Rings Series, Robin Hood (Crowe Version).

TV: Babylon 5,

Books 1632 Series, Lord of the Rings Series, Harry Potter Series, Tom Clancy Series,

Songs None at this time.

Though you know…this blog has never just been a ‘political’ blog.

It has been a blog about everything that I can comment on. Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Pop culture…and there is going to be more of that in the new year.

As I have said…I think this year is going to be rough for us. But it is a year not just for politics.

It will be for that to, and I will be talking about that too. But in the upcoming days and months will be more discussion on philosophy, and in a place that I have rarely ventured…religion.

That is what the immediate future holds.

That and… more politics of course.



  1. whadya mean no songs with libertarian themes? how about “Battle Hymn of The Republic” or our national anthem or “America, the Beautiful?”…:-P

    • I blush. šŸ˜®

  2. I simply want to say I am newbie to weblog and actually savored this page. Likely Iā€™m planning to bookmark your blog . You really come with amazing articles. Bless you for sharing your web site.

  3. *giggles* GO Joe! šŸ˜› And I can’t believe there isn’t more TV out there than B5? :S What about Farscape? It had alot of Libertarian themes IMO.

    • This is a growing list Jeesh!

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