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The debt ceiling, it is a very important topic that is going to effect the very core of our nation. And who and what we are. I could talk about the GOP efforts to repeal Obama Care, but this is more important.

I could talk about the tragedy in Arizona, this is more important and I am sick of talking about the shooting.

So that leaves the debt ceiling to discuss, and oh I will.

You know my opinion…I hate myself for having it. I hate myself for saying it…and am half tempted to chuck myself off a bridge for saying it. It goes against every fiber of my moral and political being, well almost, and at the least I want to vomit.

But I support raising it.

The idea behind it is, potentially, pain now or pain later? Do we collapse the country and default on our debts or do we give ourselves one more last chance to save ourselves?

Keeping in mind that this might be fear mongering, in which case, well you should not raise the debt ceiling because that is not likely true.

But assuming it is true and we could collapse the system and come to an end and go through great pain if we do not raise the debt ceiling. We should raise it.

As long as we start fixing things and begin to turn the tide, we should raise it. And the new Congress is already taking the first small steps to restore fiscal solvency.

And there are two very good reasons for it too.

First of all, I do not think we can quite stop this gravy and this debt train in the first place. Not now, depending on exactly what the debt limit is and depending on what they raise it to we could hit it no matter what and we are going to go shooting past it.

We are still spending money and are on the hook for massive funding. I mean just look at Social Security sometime and the obligations there. Or Health Care.

We are still spending money and despite the massive gains in liberty leaning candidates or candidates that will want to increase liberty, freedom, and responsibility in our Government and in our Congress we still do not have enough.

The Republicans only have control of the house. The Senate is divided, and Obama is in the White House.

And there are still many old guard Republicans that we cannot completely trust to advance our liberty or bring the Country into fiscal order.

It’s just not going to happen folks.

Yes, with certain Republicans and the Liberty candidates…and the American people…where they are now, we can help begin the process.

But this is a train and its out of control. The best we can do is slow it down and hopefully start to really turn it down and get it back. We can hopefully make the problem no worse and slow down the increase of the debt.

The second reason is that it could very easily lead to a massive collapse of the US Government.

We could default on our debts, the Dollar could crash, our economy could freeze, and the Government will shut down.

As appealing as the last option is it really may not be smart. We do need the Government to do something…but the least, the better.

But I still do not think we as people are ready for a collapse. I know I am not, I do not want a collapse…to go through pain and grow and learn and get out of this mess as painful as it will be…yes…die and lose my country. Nope.

This country is not ready to face such a radical change, many of us are close in one way or another, but I do not think we truly are ready for things to just stop working and implode.

This is just my opinion.

And especially with the Republicans which have been elected to a position of much greater power and responsibility.

And while many people perceive them as having across the board rhetoric to shrink the Government…it is going to be told by the state-ists that ideology has failed, has caused this and our problems. And a lot of people in their panic is going to believe it.

The Republicans and the Tea Parties, for right and wrong, will get blamed for all the problems of the country if this comes to pass and the nightmare scenario results from not raising the debt ceiling.

And thus the Statists will win the day and will gain the power that they want in future years.

I almost wonder if this was all planned by some to be this way.



  1. you know my opinion on Keynesian economics… can’t go into debt to get out of it….what this country needs is a consolidation loan from an allied nation we can actually trust….and then cut back on spending all the way down to just the bare essentials (which would include paying back the consolidation loan) and then keep spending on just the bare essentials of government operations after the loan has been repaid

    • I am not saying we should but with the spending we are doing now we are already going to breach it anyways so raise the ceiling and then start reducing the limit and start applying the brakes.

  2. and yes….you should be chucked off a bridge…..or hung….*gets rope*….LOL….j/k

  3. This reminds me of these people who get this lap band surgery to force them into eating less. Well by not raising the debt ceiling that would force us into less spending…but would we learn our lesson and would it really help? True those recipients of the lap band surgery they get skinnier but at what cost? They will never be able to ate some of the foods (like bread) that they enjoy. If we do not raise the debt ceiling like you said it could possibly force a collapse and that would be devastating. I don’t know the answer…but what I would say to the personal who is contemplating the lap band surgery…maybe try to eat less and healthier on your own…and not be forced into it later with some surgery. So we should maybe do the same about our spending? hmmmm there’s a thought.

    • yeah. In both cases, at least when I first wrote the blog, that one may need both, the surgery, and then a commitment. Because we already have a lot of calories in the system and were going to grow fat anyways so we needed it to actually survive long enough to eat less. Sadly we are continuing to eat more.

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