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With conversations on our debt and fiscal responsibility and economic policies I think it is a good time to reflect on exactly what our wealth is.

What is it? What is our wealth? Is it simply the sum of our dollars and the number of money and stuff that we have?

I…really do not think so. I mean sure it is in some way, but I think there is something more, something more philosophical.

I believe our wealth, our true wealth, is what we make and what we do and how we spend our money. It is what we build and what we create and what we want.

It is how we balance out our needs and our wants and help to create something for another person. So that we can get something in return.

Our money, our dollar, is merely a pale reflection a pale shadow of what our true wealth is. What we can do and what we can build and the materials we have.

Long past, I believe, that the days are long past that we must measure our wealth by our dollars and by our ability to go out and get stuff.

It is not about the minimum wages and the amount of money that you get and the amount of stuff you have it is what you do with it. What are you going to do it to satisfy your needs and help build the future?

Because we, and our politicians, are in an ever gathering race to spend more money and we believe that the more money that we have is an inherent good. It is not. That just because we can spend more money or receive more money, through minimum wage, that we are doing something.

But this is a self fulfilling cycle, this is a self feeding cycle that can get so easily get out of control.

We have seen it over and over again with increasing prices and increasing need for the next thing.

Well if that is what you want…

But long past are the days when we must be giving more and more wealth to people.

I have heard it said that the dollar has lost 95% of its value since the Federal Reserve went into effect.

Well instead of doing things in our own lives, and with our politicians, that weaken the dollar we need it to be strengthened.

Instead of 100 dollars can’t something be worth 20 or 30?

If we can do more things with fewer dollars isn’t it worth it?

Will it not be worth it to shift our wealth into what we create instead of the number of these pretty green things we get?

I don’t know, each of us has to make this decision on our own as the individual. But it makes sense to me the more create with the fewer things and the better ideas we have, the better we are as a people.



  1. yeah….liberals want government to spend more of our heard-earned money because they operate under the erroneous assumption that wealth is something that is consumed…it is not something that can be consumed but it is something that is produced by the fruits of our labor

    • I do not think that is what I was talking about but close. šŸ˜›

  2. …which is a concept I brought up in my Christmas blog on wealth….quit stealing my stuff….LOL!!!!

    • I am not honest! šŸ˜›

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