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It is one of the fundamental issues of our time, trying to define and understand what our debt is. To understand our financial woes and exactly what they are and where we are as a people.

Because the debt is one of the things that can kill our country, and it has killed many nations in the past. Trade deficits and then spending money you do not have.

But… the only way I can come to understand the debt, is that it is not the disease itself. Nope, it is not what is wrong with the society, it is not what is wrong with the people, it is a symptom of it.

It is a symptom like a temperature or a fever.

It is a pointer to everything that is wrong with our society, but it is not actually what is wrong with our society.

And like any temperature or a fever the higher the temperature, the more money that we spend and the higher the debt goes, the worse off the patient is.

And frankly the weaker we are to further threats and other diseases and outside threats.

We are in such a weakened state because of what is wrong with our country and how it is coming out in our debt.

Large swaths of this country with an entitlement mentality, all of us spending loads and loads of money, us getting used to our life styles, us getting too comfortable.

We are in a very weakened state, and we are not ready to take the hard medicine, as a people, which is why our temperature is so dang high. Which is why we are in such a weakened state right now.

But the good news is that, well because some people are pointing at the debt and saying ‘hey its getting hot in here!’, that the patient is healing and that the patient is fighting for our lives and trying to rid ourselves of the disease and get better, by getting to more fiscal sanity. In one form or another.

The good news is that the cells are talking to each other and trying to rebound, but that is causing the temperature to go up, the debt to go up, and societal angst is also starting to get more acute.

Because there is little that we can do about this pressure, other than to pop some pills and get our politicians to behave and begin the healing process. 😛


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  1. yeah….the hard medicine this country needs to take is some austerity measures of our own

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