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I read an article ages ago that was complaining about American Exceptionalism and how, along with the religious right and the Christianess of the new GOP, it was turning to major Political Nationalism. Is turning to Nationalism.

And you know this gets to the whole Manifest Destiny Versus Divine providence blog that I abandoned, but it is the same idea.

I disagree. I do not think that American Exceptionalism or thinking yourself is good, or that America is great because America is good, is an evil idea.

And it does not mean we are going to take over the world, or kill all the Muslims or the Jews, and it does not mean that we are going to kick butt. People are confusing exceptionalism with, racial, religious, or nationalistic, arrogance.

The idea to have merit and to be good and to strive for perfection and to be exceptional is not bad.

Sure, if it was twisted, molded, bent spindled and mutilated and recombined into something else it could be used for great evil. We have the potential for being a nightmare.

But it does not have to be that way. Our pride and our appreciation for our nation and our principles does not have to be evil.


Well the answer is to be found in the above.

It is about the ideals and the principles at the foundation and at the formation of the Republic.

It is about our ideals and our thoughts. It is about merit and that we can individually strive to pursue our own happiness and that we have our own individual rights.

That Nationalists are only special because they belong to a group based on racial or religious or blood type. Or intellectual elite or the millions of reasons that you have a set versus set group.

No, we are not great because we are a white nation, or a Christian Nation, or that we were founded by white people. Or women, blacks, Jews, and people from all walks of life.

That is not why we are great.

We are exceptional because the Christians, and the white people, and the founders, and the people from all walks of life came together and gave us ideals and principles to follow.

We are not great because of matters of flesh, or because of what group we chose to associate with. No that is not why we are great.

We are great because it is not about what we are, but who we are, the content of our character.

And sadly,a tragic number of people in our history has not done this.

Which is hardly exceptional.



  1. nice blogs…all of them…..very valid points

    • you sir are very cheeky. 😛

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