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I want to take a chance to leap off the safety tree for a second. And to talk about violent revolutions within the United States of America. *gasp*

First of all I would like to make something very very very clear. I am in no way condoning a violent revolution, a violent overthrow of the US or any Government or Government agency, and nor do I think it is a good idea. No matter what happens in this blog I do not think that revolutions are good things, especially the violent ones.

They are very dangerous things and there is only one result from the initiation of such a Revolution, like what we had in 1776, or 1917, or the French Revolution.

The Republic will fail and our way of life will be over.

But yet despite this very obvious fact and despite all the pain and the misery such a revolution would bring…a lot of people seem to be wanting to do one.

A lot of people seem to be advocating it and wanting it and considering the possibility in more than theoretical terms.

I think its simple.

A long time ago, a couple of weeks…well time is relative. :P…I was watching the Patriot.

And the thought occurred to me towards the end, I think as someones head was being blown apart by a cannon ball or a leg…do we want this to happen?

It was a very sobering feeling watching that movie.

War coming to these shores.

A war of American on American.

Do we really want this to happen?

With modern weapons?

The blood, the horror, the pain, the sacrifice, and the destruction?

Do we really want that?

Especially considering the enemies that this country has made won’t just sit on the sidelines for this theoretical war.

The carrion eaters will just be lying in wait to pick us and our allies dry.

I suppose though the Republic could theoretically survive after the fact.

We could rebuild and reform this nation based on the ideals of the founding or some facsimile.

But if a violent revolution happens it is game over.

It will mean the end of the Republic, and the end of the American experiment. It will mean we have failed as a people.

And when that happens our fate is up in the air. What will happen to the lands of this country and its people is any bodies guess.

One of a million things could happen.

And it is unlikely we will ever get the Republic back again once we go down that path, and many of us will not live to see the outcome.


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  1. I don’t particularly WANT to use violence to take back our government but should government force our hand it may become our final option

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