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Leave no stone left unturned, that seems to be the message so far for the One Hundredth and twelfth Congress.

It seems really absurd to be talking about this now, given that the new Congress has had less than a month to get settled but, I have been amazed at some of the speed that I have seen yet, and some of the things that we have heard come down the wires, and been discussed.

I would give them a B-, considering most of this remains rhetorical, or in progress, and we will just have to wait and see.

And keeping in mind of course that a lot of this might not happen for one reason in our Democratic Republic or the other. We have things to consider.

But yet, it has been amazing the speed, and the quickness that this Congress is moving.

The last one took nearly a year and half to consider its major policy initiative when they should not have had that much resistance (except in party, and they had to bribe and trick, and promise until they got what they wanted)

Whether it is in the military, (Story), Michelle Bachman saying that they are beginning to cut their spending within their own staffs, totaling 450 billion dollars, or that the Congress is planning on cutting 2.5 trillion dollars. (story).

Or that Ron Paul and Darrel Issa will begin to look into the Government and the corruption and the Federal Reserve thanks to the power of their new offices.

Its going to be a busy year for Congress, and a busy Congress, and now is just the bold beginning.

I know that this may not go well, and I know this probably is not enough to solve our nations woes, but it is a start, it is a beginning.

We just have to keep the pressure on, prepare in our own lives, and make sure that we can do all we can do.

For our bold problems require bold solutions.


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  1. indeed my friend….:-)

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