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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I have other topics that I want to talk about, but it struck me on how to solve the Egyptian crisis yesterday, no time to doddle, let’s go to work.

Even though the Egyptian people can make their choice, between good and evil, and between an evil man and greater evil and seizing their own destiny, from what I have seen from the protesters so far they have no interest in forming a Democracy or a Democratic form of Government.

They, for a little while, fooled me. Granted I was concerned about the violence and the connections of terrorists and the Islamic brotherhood, but I just was not sure what was going on and I believed that at the heart of it this was a Democratic movement.

It is not. They fooled me because, I guess, first and foremost they have been living under a tyrant for thirty years. Living under one Government, one man, and one party, for around thirty years.

Could you imagine how nuts we would be getting if we had to put up with Obama for 30 years?

I think we would be mad. Not saying that we would be burning things or looting the Smithsonian, but the Egyptians clearly have a legitimate gripe.

The violence and the destruction should have been my first hint. The rhetoric and what is going on the second one. The hate of Israel.

Though the people involved in the protests do have legitimate complaints and concerns, though they are making it out that it is the US and Israel’s fault, they are doing this wrong.

They are not for a Democratic form of Government. The Muslim Brotherhood is involved. An organization that has inspired terrorism, anti-Semitism, Jew Hate, and hate in general. (story) (story)

They are burning in the streets and looting the museums and the Egyptian army has been deployed at museums and other sites in order to help deal with the looters. (Story)

And 250,000 people have gathered in a single protest. (Story). Apparently the largest of the protests.

Out of a population of 80 + million (Source).

Now could you imagine if the tea party was doing this?

If the tea party was burning things, was made up only of a couple thousand people and was complaining about the evils of Government?

We would be laughed down by everyone, and rounded up…rightly so.

And just what has the ancient ruins and the museums and your history done to you? What is democratic about going after them?

What is so democratic about hating Israel and the United States even if you feel that you have legitimate complaints?

No they are not Democratic.

But the solution to me is based in the foundations of Democratic Governments, who listen to their people.

I propose that what the Egyptian people need is a Constitutional Convention on the scale of the one that led to the foundation of our country, and our Republic.

All interested parties within Egypt, the Mubarak Regime, the Muslim Brotherhood…that is actually Egyptian citizens, and representatives from all over the Egyptian body politic can come together and debate the future and how to build a new Egypt. Or how to move forward, not to destroy and hate and loot.

That way the Egyptian People can have the conversation, can have the debate, can have the conversation, peacefully, of where to go and the options that they have.

Whether it is for Egyptian Liberty, tyranny, the hate of Israel, or what have you.

They can make the choice and then we the people’s of the Earth can also look, watch, and make our own conclusions about the Government that comes out of it.

Whether it was for good, or ill.

And then the people’s of the Earth and all the countries of the world can then make the choice whether to stand with the new government, be cautious with them, or condemn them as being evil and hateful…but the will of the people.

This probably will not work. No one may even attempt to do this.

But if it is done it will give the Egyptian people a chance to breathe, and relax, and rest. It will give them a chance to debate and let common human decency, reason, logic, and the truth to prevail.

It will give them time. Valuable time and let them have the debate and hear the debate and be presented with the options.

I want to expand on this idea from my previous blog, becoming a Crusader Part 2. This idea of being a Teacher and a Guide. I touched on it in the previous blog but I want to put it into its own blog because…I do not think anyone is teaching anymore. OK maybe a little unfair, I had…and do know…good teachers. But…what are we doing with our education?

It is quite simply the best thing that you can be in life, and something that you have to be if you are awake or have an opinion or information that you want to bring to the societal table.

And it is something that you can be, no matter your profession.

Whether you are flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, a Truck Driver, a Politician, a Window washer, a professional ball player, a singer, a play write, a writer, a television producer, a director, unemployed, what have you.

No matter what you are, you can teach and can guide. You do not have to be a professional or go to a university or have a Government license to teach someone on any given topic.

But not how we have grown to look at teacher’s and guides in our society. Yes that is important, to an extent, but that is not what I am talking about.

I think most of us or we as a society or what not (could very easily be wrong about this) have the wrong idea about teacher’s and guides.

That first of all they can only be a special certain someone, that they have to be educated, or its a job, or its a Government bureaucrat explaining the lovely facts of life.

That only they can teach.

Second of all its how these individual teacher’s teach. Have you ever noticed that it seems like kids are an assembly line these days and that the teacher’s must rush rush rush?

That they must rush through the day to do their jobs and get all the facts out on science and anything and get through the curriculum, however they individually think best.

But that there is this curriculum and these ‘facts’ and even they might be wrong but this is our best guess and we just have to push it.

Don’t question.

For the most part I have not run into this. But yet it is there. And I have seen it.

I have seen someone taken out of their seat when they were questioning the current theory on evolution, and had some kind of conversation outside, and then just went on with the business.

That there are many theories but this is the one that I need to talk about.

Now I am not exactly sure of the full solution because I do want teacher’s to teach facts, there are facts and there are theories and there is an evolution. I think ‘professional’ teacher’s should do this.

But way back when the Texas School Board it struck me about this. You had minorities complaining about how minority history was being struck from it and that we would not see the rich cultural tradition and they will not know about their history.

OK…fine…perhaps. But can’t you do that yourself?

Because I think that is what teacher’s must do, guides more importantly.

If you are a teacher or a guide, whether it is professionally or you work at Wendy’s, this is what must be done.

We must plant seeds and ideas in people’s heads.

That we have facts, and information, and opinions and we spread it around.

And then encourage them to look into it and form their own conclusions. That we need to teach people how to think, not what to think. At all levels, not just college.

Does not matter if they agree with us or disagree or hate us or think we are evil and hateful.

As long as we have done our job, as long as we have planted our seeds in people’s heads. It is up to them…the plant. :P…sorry could not resist.

We have done our job and its them that needs to figure out what to do with it.

That is what is important if we are going to survive.

Last year I did this blog (Link), about an event that happened in my life. An event in my life that changed my outlook and that, with other events, contributed to where I am in my life right now. What I want to do with my life, and who I want to be. Really helped get me onto the path I am now, and one of the things that led to the impetus of this blog this event, and all those around it.

But it occurred to me, shortly after the blog actually, that this was not the only story I can tell. Not the only theme I can relate. In fact there are several things that I can go into… over time.

So I bring you, becoming a crusader Part 2, the first…err second…of what I hope will be a yearly series of how I have gotten to this point in my life. Being so political, what that means, why am I so political, and why do I want to be a political commentator and crusader at the tender age of 18.

Though it has occurred to me that I might be wrong on something, more on that in a second. (If I was doing this for money I would say but first! a message from our sponsor.)

But first I have to share a few stories with you, stories that I believe actually sets up the point that I was trying to make. Three points in my high school life that helped me determine that freedom is important, we are free, and my role in regards to that freedom.

First off, I had this conversation with this girl. A friend of mine, it was 6 O’clock in the morning or probably even earlier than that when you get down to it.

Just so you understand the circumstances so that it was not a good time to be ambushed with a philosophical question that truthfully I was not well versed on at that point in my life.

She asked…or stated…not quite sure which…that humans were not truly free because we were controlled by our minds and our hormones and things of that nature.

I, meekly, disagreed with her. I thought it was interesting food for thought but, again it was not the proper time to have a debate.

Oh I am sure that conversation would go a lot differently given what I know today. And believe, that we do indeed have a choice and can rise above our instincts.

But that is beside the point.

Secondly, it was first day of English for eleventh grade, or one of the first days in any event, and it was still orientation and getting to know each other.

The teacher of the class asked us, damn I hate it that I have these wonderful stories in my head and are so vague in my head that i am butchering them…but I have the themes down…. the teacher asked us like, what do you hope to do with your life? Where do you hope to go?

And we started off going around the room and people stated their responses. I do not remember being too impressed with the answers given, and thought about it long and hard and really fretted…this was not a small and simple issue to me.

I thought about it so much that I had to be skipped and go on as I thought and thought, pondered and pondered, thunk and thunk.

Finally, I think I was just about to be called again, it occurred to me, my answer.

Again I have no idea my EXACT wording but it was something along the lines of I wanted to put a seed in someone’s head, to make them think of something differently and from a different perspective.

Does not matter if they agree with me. Does not matter if I can convert them to my libertarianism, or my religious ideology, or Christianity or Judaism, or anything. It does not matter to me.

All that matters is that I have caused you to look at the world anew from a fresh perspective, that I have planted that seed in your head and it is up to YOU to do something with it.

Educate yourself, inspire you, cause you to grow it and make it your own.

That you are now honestly questioning and I have put that idea that you are honestly considering.

Again you may think I am a cook in the end but that is what I want to do with my life. And if I can do it just once, then my life has meaning.

Which brings me to my last story.

I was in oh lunch or something or snack or something just sitting around relaxing in my English room (Senior Year this time) and one of the English teacher’s student teacher’s was in the room and asked me…what do you want to do with your life? (Or somethign…damn this human memory:P)

And I thunk on it for a while and I said, “Well I want to be a teacher, but not like you are a teacher.” And I explained my career ambitions of going into radio and politics, and I think I might have even mentioned the above story.

Because where I sit I think that is where we should be, I do not think that is the best thing for me.

Because, this is quite misleading. I am not a crusader. I am not the type of person to bash your head in unsheath my sword and point it at your neck convert or die and go fight for the Holy land, kind of guy.

I want to be a teacher and a guide. My job is not to beat the truth into you, but my job is to stand by where I think the truth is, and then point the way forward, point the way to it.

You can say, oh I do not want to go this way, I want to go that way, but yeah I want to give people options and enlightenment and education.

That is why I am such a crusader.

Egypt has a choice to make. It is the choice for the entire world and for this country to make. Quite simply between the darkness and the light.

It is the same choice for our country and the world.

No matter where in the world there is great tribulation. In the United States, the Middle East, Iran, Europe, China, almost everywhere you can think of we have the choice between these polar extremes.

Though…now that I think about this. Their choice is a lot simpler than ours and most of the world.

They only, right now, have a choice between two opposites. Most of the world has a choice between three choices.

But they have a choice between freedom and slavery. The Egyptian people right now have a choice between freedom, and further slavery, between the darkness and the light. Between love and building a better brighter future for their country, and indeed the world, or letting their hate and anger manipulate them and turn them into something…evil and dangerous.

It’s the same choice that we have to make each and every time, this decision has come up hundreds of times for history, and most of the most notable examples are the wrong choice.

Revolutions, rebellions, and great moments of strife and hardship people have had to make this very same choice.

And there are good and there are great and bad people always there trying to manipulate and point the way forward.

Teachers, guides, politicians, philosophers, pundits, and men of great peace.

Because there is no doubt that Mubarak is an evil man, he is banning things left and right and sending the military, there is no doubt that Egypt has legitimate gripes and that they have every right to try to reset their Government.

I wish they would not do it in this way but they have the right and I think I would be very peeved at them too if they were pulling this stuff on me.

But my fear is that they will make the wrong choice. My fear is they will have the option to seize their own destiny and become a shining beacon of hope for the world and for the Middle East and for Muslims and Jews, and that they will fail.

My fear is that they will be manipulated by outside forces who want their mark and the Egyptian Government to be their Government, and that they will fall to darkness.

My fear is that they will go down the same path like 9 out of ever ten people’s that go down this path, China (repeatedly), Russia, France, and a lot of other places around the world.

Egypt has a choice to make. And their choice may very well point the way for the rest of the world. Our own Government is considering internet Kill Switches (Story), Jordan is facing similar protests and we have many Governments around the world that are facing economic and social problems.

Or we could point to them and say, see, that is who we should be like. And then use that as an excuse to renew our freedom by being provided a real world modern example.

But my fear is they are making the wrong choice, the opposite choice of this. (Story)

What is truth? And what is God?

Those are two of the most fundamental and difficult questions to answer in life, and maybe even impossible questions to answer. Which is why the character there, G’Kar, chooses to answer it the way he did.

He choose to answer it, by not answering it basically. But saying it is the search that matters. No matter what it is the search and life’s journey and struggles that matter in life.

This is especially true when it comes to truth, and the divine.

That the harder you look, the more you search, the brighter your light and the more you can know. That your search for knowledge is all that matters in your life. And for the truth, and for the divine, from all aspects of life.

Go out, talk, explore from anyone. No matter their faith, religion or background. The more your eyes can be open and the more you approach the path with both eyes as wide as you can be, the better off you will be.

We can all have a lot to learn from one another.

The better our chances are of learning the truth. About life, and the divine, or just truth in general.

Even if we think that we know the truth, even if it makes sense to you and it seems like the best option and it is even most of the truth. We can always search, and we can always learn. We can always keep looking and searching and keep the light well-lit and strong.

Because there is another show I like, called Doctor Who, and in the episode “Planet of the Ood” where there is a very bad man, a man who is maintaining a nefarious organization for his own profit and keeping people enslaved by lobotomizing them.

Towards the end of it the Doctor’s companion, Donna Noble says, ‘traveling with you, I don’t know up from down anymore’ or something like that.

And the Doctor replies that people who do, usually end up like the guy who was doing all the evil stuff.

Now, in the real world that does not always happen. It can, and it is better when you search, but there are some wonderful people who are very secure with their lives.

And there are facts in life and there is truth, 2+2 does equal four.

But yet the search, and honest questioning everything with boldness, is what is important in life.

But the answer is in the speech by G’kar because…assumptions will kill you. Making assumptions will kill you and leave you dead, even if it takes you a while to get there.

Because if you assume, ‘ah the light is God I have found God look how perfect he looks.’ Or you say ‘ah God looks like us I am God, I am the truth’ Or you look to the darkness and say ‘man, everything is darkness, there is no truth, there is no God, everything is bitter and hopeless and despairing.’

All of these are absolutes, all of those are perceptions and assumptions of reality, that I do not really think is based in reality.

Which is why I do not get along with Atheists and why that ideology always bugs the crap out of me to be honest.

Because they deny the existence of a very important part of the search and the life’s story that all of us need to answer, and come to terms with.

They do not have that strong of a light.