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I want to expand on this idea from my previous blog, becoming a Crusader Part 2. This idea of being a Teacher and a Guide. I touched on it in the previous blog but I want to put it into its own blog because…I do not think anyone is teaching anymore. OK maybe a little unfair, I had…and do know…good teachers. But…what are we doing with our education?

It is quite simply the best thing that you can be in life, and something that you have to be if you are awake or have an opinion or information that you want to bring to the societal table.

And it is something that you can be, no matter your profession.

Whether you are flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, a Truck Driver, a Politician, a Window washer, a professional ball player, a singer, a play write, a writer, a television producer, a director, unemployed, what have you.

No matter what you are, you can teach and can guide. You do not have to be a professional or go to a university or have a Government license to teach someone on any given topic.

But not how we have grown to look at teacher’s and guides in our society. Yes that is important, to an extent, but that is not what I am talking about.

I think most of us or we as a society or what not (could very easily be wrong about this) have the wrong idea about teacher’s and guides.

That first of all they can only be a special certain someone, that they have to be educated, or its a job, or its a Government bureaucrat explaining the lovely facts of life.

That only they can teach.

Second of all its how these individual teacher’s teach. Have you ever noticed that it seems like kids are an assembly line these days and that the teacher’s must rush rush rush?

That they must rush through the day to do their jobs and get all the facts out on science and anything and get through the curriculum, however they individually think best.

But that there is this curriculum and these ‘facts’ and even they might be wrong but this is our best guess and we just have to push it.

Don’t question.

For the most part I have not run into this. But yet it is there. And I have seen it.

I have seen someone taken out of their seat when they were questioning the current theory on evolution, and had some kind of conversation outside, and then just went on with the business.

That there are many theories but this is the one that I need to talk about.

Now I am not exactly sure of the full solution because I do want teacher’s to teach facts, there are facts and there are theories and there is an evolution. I think ‘professional’ teacher’s should do this.

But way back when the Texas School Board it struck me about this. You had minorities complaining about how minority history was being struck from it and that we would not see the rich cultural tradition and they will not know about their history.

OK…fine…perhaps. But can’t you do that yourself?

Because I think that is what teacher’s must do, guides more importantly.

If you are a teacher or a guide, whether it is professionally or you work at Wendy’s, this is what must be done.

We must plant seeds and ideas in people’s heads.

That we have facts, and information, and opinions and we spread it around.

And then encourage them to look into it and form their own conclusions. That we need to teach people how to think, not what to think. At all levels, not just college.

Does not matter if they agree with us or disagree or hate us or think we are evil and hateful.

As long as we have done our job, as long as we have planted our seeds in people’s heads. It is up to them…the plant. :P…sorry could not resist.

We have done our job and its them that needs to figure out what to do with it.

That is what is important if we are going to survive.



  1. You’ve got some good points here. As someone who hopes to one day be a professional teacher, I consider it my first duty to teach the students how to think for themselves.

    It is getting crazy the amount of material the teachers and students much make it through in any given grade level in any given year. I know. I’ve read the standards for my state. I can see how easy it would become to simply teach the facts of a subject rather than including the art – if you will – of the subject.

    • Almost makes you wonder if its intentional. Or is that a conspiracy theory?:O:P

  2. yeah….teachers who treat kids like an assembly line tend to be as boring as Professor Binns or as verbally abusive as Professor Snape

    • nice. 😉

  3. A plumber can’t teach you how to do an electrician’s job anymore than a Burger cook can teach you how to butcher a cow. You do need select individuals to teach you select things. After that, well, as much as we wish there was a perfect system, there really isn’t any system that would be perfect. Not one made by man anyway. We can only do the best we can, and hope that we aren’t the ones that fall through the cracks.

    • *facepalm* *sigh*

    • Even in that case my advice is still well taken. Guide people, show them to do it and to find the answer for themselves. Whether it is at Wendy’s or a plumber or an electrician eventually someone cannot forever be a student, must find the answer for themselves, must deal with crisis by themselves, deal with problems how they can, and then eventually they might be able to lead and then show others and then begin to encourage the best in others and be a guide and a sign post. Also that plumber or electrician can make an off hand political point and that will lead to change in their student.

  4. your good

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