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I have other topics that I want to talk about, but it struck me on how to solve the Egyptian crisis yesterday, no time to doddle, let’s go to work.

Even though the Egyptian people can make their choice, between good and evil, and between an evil man and greater evil and seizing their own destiny, from what I have seen from the protesters so far they have no interest in forming a Democracy or a Democratic form of Government.

They, for a little while, fooled me. Granted I was concerned about the violence and the connections of terrorists and the Islamic brotherhood, but I just was not sure what was going on and I believed that at the heart of it this was a Democratic movement.

It is not. They fooled me because, I guess, first and foremost they have been living under a tyrant for thirty years. Living under one Government, one man, and one party, for around thirty years.

Could you imagine how nuts we would be getting if we had to put up with Obama for 30 years?

I think we would be mad. Not saying that we would be burning things or looting the Smithsonian, but the Egyptians clearly have a legitimate gripe.

The violence and the destruction should have been my first hint. The rhetoric and what is going on the second one. The hate of Israel.

Though the people involved in the protests do have legitimate complaints and concerns, though they are making it out that it is the US and Israel’s fault, they are doing this wrong.

They are not for a Democratic form of Government. The Muslim Brotherhood is involved. An organization that has inspired terrorism, anti-Semitism, Jew Hate, and hate in general. (story) (story)

They are burning in the streets and looting the museums and the Egyptian army has been deployed at museums and other sites in order to help deal with the looters. (Story)

And 250,000 people have gathered in a single protest. (Story). Apparently the largest of the protests.

Out of a population of 80 + million (Source).

Now could you imagine if the tea party was doing this?

If the tea party was burning things, was made up only of a couple thousand people and was complaining about the evils of Government?

We would be laughed down by everyone, and rounded up…rightly so.

And just what has the ancient ruins and the museums and your history done to you? What is democratic about going after them?

What is so democratic about hating Israel and the United States even if you feel that you have legitimate complaints?

No they are not Democratic.

But the solution to me is based in the foundations of Democratic Governments, who listen to their people.

I propose that what the Egyptian people need is a Constitutional Convention on the scale of the one that led to the foundation of our country, and our Republic.

All interested parties within Egypt, the Mubarak Regime, the Muslim Brotherhood…that is actually Egyptian citizens, and representatives from all over the Egyptian body politic can come together and debate the future and how to build a new Egypt. Or how to move forward, not to destroy and hate and loot.

That way the Egyptian People can have the conversation, can have the debate, can have the conversation, peacefully, of where to go and the options that they have.

Whether it is for Egyptian Liberty, tyranny, the hate of Israel, or what have you.

They can make the choice and then we the people’s of the Earth can also look, watch, and make our own conclusions about the Government that comes out of it.

Whether it was for good, or ill.

And then the people’s of the Earth and all the countries of the world can then make the choice whether to stand with the new government, be cautious with them, or condemn them as being evil and hateful…but the will of the people.

This probably will not work. No one may even attempt to do this.

But if it is done it will give the Egyptian people a chance to breathe, and relax, and rest. It will give them a chance to debate and let common human decency, reason, logic, and the truth to prevail.

It will give them time. Valuable time and let them have the debate and hear the debate and be presented with the options.



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