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What is truth? And what is God?

Those are two of the most fundamental and difficult questions to answer in life, and maybe even impossible questions to answer. Which is why the character there, G’Kar, chooses to answer it the way he did.

He choose to answer it, by not answering it basically. But saying it is the search that matters. No matter what it is the search and life’s journey and struggles that matter in life.

This is especially true when it comes to truth, and the divine.

That the harder you look, the more you search, the brighter your light and the more you can know. That your search for knowledge is all that matters in your life. And for the truth, and for the divine, from all aspects of life.

Go out, talk, explore from anyone. No matter their faith, religion or background. The more your eyes can be open and the more you approach the path with both eyes as wide as you can be, the better off you will be.

We can all have a lot to learn from one another.

The better our chances are of learning the truth. About life, and the divine, or just truth in general.

Even if we think that we know the truth, even if it makes sense to you and it seems like the best option and it is even most of the truth. We can always search, and we can always learn. We can always keep looking and searching and keep the light well-lit and strong.

Because there is another show I like, called Doctor Who, and in the episode “Planet of the Ood” where there is a very bad man, a man who is maintaining a nefarious organization for his own profit and keeping people enslaved by lobotomizing them.

Towards the end of it the Doctor’s companion, Donna Noble says, ‘traveling with you, I don’t know up from down anymore’ or something like that.

And the Doctor replies that people who do, usually end up like the guy who was doing all the evil stuff.

Now, in the real world that does not always happen. It can, and it is better when you search, but there are some wonderful people who are very secure with their lives.

And there are facts in life and there is truth, 2+2 does equal four.

But yet the search, and honest questioning everything with boldness, is what is important in life.

But the answer is in the speech by G’kar because…assumptions will kill you. Making assumptions will kill you and leave you dead, even if it takes you a while to get there.

Because if you assume, ‘ah the light is God I have found God look how perfect he looks.’ Or you say ‘ah God looks like us I am God, I am the truth’ Or you look to the darkness and say ‘man, everything is darkness, there is no truth, there is no God, everything is bitter and hopeless and despairing.’

All of these are absolutes, all of those are perceptions and assumptions of reality, that I do not really think is based in reality.

Which is why I do not get along with Atheists and why that ideology always bugs the crap out of me to be honest.

Because they deny the existence of a very important part of the search and the life’s story that all of us need to answer, and come to terms with.

They do not have that strong of a light.



  1. I think that for us God-believers, in general, that when we recognize a higher being of perfect moral clarity that belief enjoins us to strive for the same thing, if only so that we may use our gift of reason in wise and ethical ways

    • But part of that gift of reason is to know to continue the Search and Continut to Question with Boldness…even the exisistance of God.

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