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I wanted to talk about unity in this blog…but this is slightly more important, and about unity of a sorts. Especially the unity and the unification of evil.

If you have ever read the Tom Clancy Book Executive Orders the idea of an Islamic Caliphate would not be surprising, or new, to you. Or if you were a student of history too but that is kind of beside the point. ๐Ÿ˜›

You see that book, among other things, has a lot to do with the UIR (United Islamic Republic) forming between Iran and Iraq and then proceeding to make an attempt to conquer most of the Middle East, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and form a…United Islamic Republic.

This is similar to the idea that has appeared in the news recently of a united Islamic Government stretching across Northern Africa, to the Middle East, to Turkey, where protests and uprisings are currently taking place. This creates the potential for a caliphate.

Now Tom Clancy is a fictional author, but that is the point, once more fiction can prepare one for an extreme…well tragically not so extreme…possibility.

Anyone who has read Executive Orders has probably considered the possibility of this happening. And this possibility may cause one to be afraid…to be very afraid. But also knowledgeable which will lessen the fear. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You see it is my belief that throughout history our one advantage over the radical Islamic sects that have popped up from time to time throughout history is that they hate each other about as much as they hate us.

Hell they even blow up their own citizens, heretics, infidels, betrayers, and consorters with Zionists and the West.

But now with this potential for a caliphate existing and uniting the entire Islamic world…(except for the heretics I am sure.)…coming together under one banner and one flag the potential is there for great evil and a united Islamic front could kick a lot of butt.

That they would be able to put their differences and unite to stand against the enemies. For right or wrong, for better or worse.

They could become a serious threat to us.


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