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You know…this is late…even for a blog for the week. And with my blogs and the information I publish I am often late in my ability to get them up, so it is old news (Or is it…muhahahaha).

But that said in a way that provides time for further learning, and reflection. From me especially, and from you. I do not…tend to…rush into a situation. At least enough to write a blog on it and put my stamp on it for half an hour of writing, ten minutes of editing, and then having more people edit it and read it. This is my official opinion. So that way, it is important to learn, and I have done this time and time again.

The genesis of this blog happened right around November/ December, some comment I read or heard and I thought to myself, really, could my Zionist master please stand up?

But yet that never felt good for a Blog on its own it did not feel like its own subject.

But with things happening with Glenn Beck, and things happening in Egypt, around the world, the release of Rumors of War the Glenn Beck web documentary, and Israel evacuating its embassy (story), this and a whole lot more needs to be said on this subject.

Now…back about two or so weeks ago members of the media started with their latest, and perhaps most bizarre, Glenn Beck ‘conspiracy theory’ yet. Saying that he was Anti Semitic. I suppose this started right around the time of his George Soros special that he ran.

Saying that he was intentionally misspelling certain people’s names to make them sound more Jewish, saying that having eight people who are Jewish on a list of the worse people of the Century or something somehow proves that he is Anti Semitic. And that he made Anti Semitic claims against George Soros.

Now since I have friends who are both ethnically, and practicing, Jewish, this concerns me. I would not support Glenn if he were Anti Semitic. Not for a second. And I have seen no indication.

He has supported Israel and their right to existence and exposed the incidents behind the Gaza ‘aid’ flotilla and the connections, he has released documentaries specifically chronicling the current threat that Israel has faced from countries like Iran.

He has stood with a Jewish Rabbi, Daniel Lapin, he has invited Daniel Lapin onto both of his show, 8-28, and the pre 8-28 meeting.

He has waxed eloquent on the subject of Ancient Hebrew.

And has a Star of David in his opening diddy…montage…thingy.

Some Anti Semite is

Again there are real and legitimate madmen, crazy men, conspiracy theorists, and just generally people who hate anything Jewish or blame them from all problems from 9-11 to asthma (story).

People who might even use Glenn Beck as a justification for their vile hate, to use…misinterpreted…comments of his as a Clarion Call.

But he is…obviously….not one of them. Don’t shoot the messenger.

But yet there are legitimate people out there who do say and believe these things and are trying to spread this message. That Israel and the Jews are controlling everything and they got the world wrapped around their fingers.

Again, could my Zionist master please stand up?

Saying that they have brought down the twin towers, messing with our foreign policy, Jewed us into Iraq, and intentionally sunk US Navy vessels, calling Israel Israhell and just generally being evil.

If you do not believe me you can look it up I am sure…all of this is out there somewhere.

Yes a Conversation can be had on the extent of our support of Israel can help or hurt this country. We can have the conversation.

But lets not conflate the issue with downright silly and even dangerous rhetoric about the extend of Jewish influence in this country, the world, or that they have the world on a string.

We do not need to be collectivists.

Yes there are bad people in the world who are Jewish, of Jewish descent, or might even consider themselves Jewish in both of those categories.

But to confuse that and use it as an excuse to paint all Jews or all of Israel, or even Israel itself, with the same brush is the kind of rhetoric that has led to the deaths of millions of people in the past. (Unless you think the Holocaust did not happen).

Especially given the very real and very legitimate threat that Israel and the Jews face around the world.

Around the world, at home, from nation states, groups, international organizations, from the political right, and the political left.


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