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OK, I think it is time for a bit of an update on something. Specifically my ideology, political, moral, and religious.

I think it is time for an update because, despite my speaking eloquently on this subject time and time again, and debating the issues, there seem to be a lot of people who have no idea where I stand on anything and continue to make up opinions about who I am.

Secondly, its been about a year since I have ‘outed’ myself as a full-blown Libertarian. And as with any major change, as with any major declaration, you learn a lot in your first year or so. You grow into it, or you reject it and say,I am not one of these people. And I have been doing a lot of growing the last year when it comes to spirituality. Or politics. And a lot of learning about who I am, and exactly which people I am not.

I think I have been always pretty libertarian, but now I know what that means.

So…I am a Libertarian politically, conservative moral, non denominational God Follower, constitutionalist, but I do not like orthodoxy when it comes to religion or politics.

Primarily though I am a Libertarian. I guide myself by the ideals and the belief in the supremacy of the individual, that we can succeed, or fail, and stand on our own. And my belief in the smaller the Government that we can get, the better it is, and the more we can grow and help each other on our own.

But I am not orthodox in anything that I do. My thinking is grounded in the Constitution, in fiscal responsibility, and in my own view of the universe and how best to bring about a positive Libertarian change.

I arrive at this ideology through very much my own lens. I try to figure things out at a day-to-day basis. I talk to people, I go out there and learn from people and then information and articles. And then I reach my conclusions, and change if I am wrong and always try to forge forward and dare I say it…progress.

Which is why I do not like orthodoxy so much, and which is why I rub a lot of my fellow Libertarians the wrong way.

Because I am not going to let any party, group, or individual, tell me who or what I am. Tell me what I believe, and tell me that I should be this to be in your club.

I have had this conversation before with one of my friends. That I am not a Libertarian, a big L libertarian, I am a small l Libertarian. Because I am not a member of the Libertarian Party, or really agree with them on party line all the time.

Now first off, I disagree, ideology first, party second.

I will not let a party, a church, or anyone else tell me what I believe, I will go out there and find the one the label that matches me the most. And I am very Libertarian. I do believe in small Government and much smaller Government then we have now.

That I have core principles that are my own, if they match X then I am X. If not, well then I will have to take my business somewhere else.


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