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Everyone in the world who reads these blogs have probably heard of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz (Link), and the Political Compass. (Link). Politics in four dimensions. Usually the political role, and then a moral or an economic one.

Now I like this. It makes sense for the times that we face and what is going on in the world, having all of these various political philosophies out there.

For the times it works and makes sense because politics and Government affects a lot of areas of our life.

But I think ultimately, this is wrong. This is the wrong way to look at politics and the political spectrum.

Politics and Government should not be this all-encompassing all-powerful all intrusive part of our lives.

It needs to be small, concise, and contained. We need to shrink politics back into its proper box in the cover. Even though I agree that the conversation the political conversation can be had on many aspects of our lives, we need to shrink it.

In fact the only question, the ONLY question, that needs to be asked is what role will the Government have on any given issue? That is the only question.

What is ones position on the size of Government on any given issue?

To this end the two poles are on one end you have Libertarianism, small Government, and stat-ism, large Government. And any position would grow the Government or shrink the Government.

Where on any position, any position at all, you have three possible options.

One that will grow the Government greater than it currently is, one that shrinks the Government, or one that maintains the role of Government or does not change it that much.

So for me on every single issue I am either for maintaining the Government role and spending, or reducing it…sometimes drastically. There is no issue where I favor increasing the Government.

This would make American Progressive-ism, Conservatism, and Liberalism moral philosophies. They are philosophies of what the Government must be morally obligated to do, in large part, especially the big Government tendencies in all those ideologies.

Which is also why American Liberalism, and Conservatism, are chock full of Libertarian philosophy and both of them do have their small Government tendencies within the movements. People who are for Small Government who consider themselves a Liberal or a Conservative.

Which is why that many Reaganites, Regan Conservatives, and many of my friends who are Conservative and consider themselves Conservative do have strong Libertarian tendencies and do have strong Libertarian streaks in them. They have a strong desire for a much smaller, much more Constitutional Government.

Not to mention the people who I watch and admire.

In fact it is easy to be Libertarian in today’s climate, it is easy to want smaller Government.

When our Government is so big, so out of control, so fiscally irresponsible for whatever their reasons are, done so by both ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’ Governments it is easy to be Libertarian, or at the very least to lean in that direction. Libertarianesque.

It is easy to find yourself cast out and refugees. And many Libertarians do not like this.

They do not want people to be a part of their ideology unless you are lock stock and barrel and arm step with them and their Libertarian party.


When it is easy to have a Libertarian ideology and easy to want to shrink our Government.

Which brings us to Anarchy. Anarchy is not part of the normal political process.

Anyone can call themselves an Anarchist who is just against the current Government.

They may like their own Government, they may like no Government at all, but they do not want a Government so they cannot be apart of the conversation.

And they are apart of all ideologies because they will be Anarchist to bring about the societal changes that they want to.


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