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In my research and in many years of life that I have lived, and all the politics that I have absorbed in that time, I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of laws. All laws, ruling, legislation, and regulations that come out of Government boil down to three basic types.

One, laws that shrink liberty, grow the Government and may even grow tyranny and Government control in our lives.

Two, Laws that grow human Liberty and get the Government off of our backs.

Three, laws that do neither, but smooth over and strengthen a previous Government oversight and or program that is in need of reform. These laws may actually serve to grow human liberty and make us safer, rather than endangering our lives or our Liberty.

Laws that can grow Government and endanger our Liberty our ability to pursue happiness or even our lives for that matter.

Examples of these laws are almost rampant in our society in recent history. Almost anything that comes out and endangers our liberty almost any bill does so in one way or the other, and is a threat, even if most of the bill is a liberty based bill there is still that one little sliver that may hurt.

But perhaps the most recent and most expansive was the Health care bill.

A bill that forces you to buy Health Care, eliminates the private loans for college education and does many things like that along those lines.

It puts your and our entire fiscal security at risk with massive spending, massive debts, and inadequate ways to fund the system.

Laws that grow human liberty are a lot harder to find, especially recently, but are rampant throughout history.

Whether they are the amendments addressing slavery and black rights to the right for women to vote.

These Government laws have helped freedom grow and have given us the ability to further pursue our happiness.

And then Laws that smooth things over are those addressing a previous Government oversight.

Whether it is the fourteenth amendment which addressed concerns and further helped give blacks rights when they were further repressed.

Or SB 1070. One that gives the Local Governments the proper authority to go out and enforce Federal Law and help the Federal Government do their jobs with regards to immigration.


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