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Constitutions: They are probably the most significant invention in our society, our most significant thing as it comes to and relates to Government. They are important in telling one who they are as a people, and how the Government that serves them…serves them. And hopefully not as an alien entree.

They are quite simply the contract between a people and its Government.

They are the contract, the blue print, the bedrock, and the rules between a people and its Government. And how a society functions.

It is a set of rules of where the Government relates to the people and what the Government must not do to the people, and how the Government works and the processes that the Government operates under.

They are, along with assorted documents in our country, what gives one great liberty…or even great tyranny.

It is what gives us our liberty.

Well we give ourselves our liberty but that is the blue print in which we operate under.

Because no matter the Government type, whether it is a proper Republic, or a Monarchy, or anything in between they determine how much liberty and how much tyranny is in a society at its core.

Because a monarchy can have limits in it based on the Constitution. A Constitution can limit the Government, and empower the people, or it can give a King or a Congress or an elite or an aristocracy their powers and loopholes to lord it over the people.

And these kinds of Constitutions do not work if they can be changed on a whim. If they can be changed on a whim they will not work.

Whether it is by the whim of the people in a Direct Democracy. Or a King, Monarch, or Tyrant.

The more set in stone a Constitution is, and the harder it is to change it or alter it, and the more checks and balances there are in that process…and all the processes of Government, the better it is for the liberty and the Freedom in that country.

Just like ours and us.

And when people start to ignore the Constitution for their own political objectives, you begin to lose your society and the structure of your society begins to crumble.


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