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I know there are more than three styles of Government out there in life. you have Plutocracies, aristocracies, Theocracies, Republics, authoritarian states, totalitarian states, Monarchies….and on and on and on and on.

But again, simplicity leads to understanding and in breaking this down I can come up with three styles of Government. And note sometimes states call themselves one thing to get brownie points when they are another.

And much like the three styles of major economics, on any one track that is, you have your two polar opposites and then you have a bridge. capitalism, Socialism, and Communism, for instance.

For Governments though you have, going from left to right, theocratic/ Fascist/ communist/ aristocratic/ totalitarian/ authoritarian regimes, Republics is the bridge, from Republic’s that give the representatives the power to enslave the people to Republic’s like ours, and then you have Democracies.

Tyrannies, to simplify it, give you tyranny by law.

Where you have laws and a legal code, whether it is religious, moral, or those of the leaders pure whim, that strips liberty and human freedom.

Where the Monarch, Emperor, or Tyrant…or ruling council, regulates all the affairs of the people and almost all liberty is stifled from freedom of thought to expression to personal belief. Where you can get shot for what you believe. Or speared or what you have you.

Then you have Republics.

Republics give you, especially if done right, Liberty by Law, that you have Liberty but strong laws in place designed to protect your liberty and your ability to pursue your happiness and economic opportunities.

Now Republic’s can range from tyrannies pretending to be Republic’s (the People’s Republic of China,) to Republic’s that lean more to the other side of the aisle but are not that side of the aisle. IDK I guess in this example Britain, and probably Israel and most of Europe. Then you have ours which leans to the most freedom (at our core documents) which provides for the greatest in human liberty. Granted I am talking in generalities.

And then you have Democracies.

Democracies give you license, more often then not.

Now Democracies are the most curious case of all, because they are in extreme flux and can bend upon themselves and become, or be called, any of the three.

For example you have our Government calling ourselves a Democracy when we are not. You have Governments all over the world that pay lip service to Democracy while butchering their people.

You have some of the worse monsters in history being Democratically elected.

In thinking about this subject recently the main thing about a Democracy is this: the will of the people and the majority is the ruling force.

Keeping this in mind Democracies can be further divided into two classes, Direct and indirect.

Direct Democracies just give a vote and the whole must follow it. This is rare except in small town like circumstances.

Indirect is when you have elected representatives that are supposed to fulfill your will. However this can be easily manipulated, in two ways.

Say you have a really popular guy, says he is for a lot of things and then he is elected, and then manipulates the situation where he does something different.

After all we the ‘people’ elected him, he is our will personified and anything he does is on our behalf.

The leader in question can manipulate popular sentiment, either before or after the election, and manipulate the people. Like Edward Bernays and the idea of the ‘intelligent few’ manipulating the people to reach a desired outcome.

And thus, it bends in and itself and a tyranny can be elected by a Democracy, damn any constitution or legal code.

Thus you have a few bright and benevolent leaders who are exercising the ‘will of the people.’

And which is why large swaths of our politicians and punditry are trying to convince us we are a Democracy. Because then the Will of the People will Trump our traditions, our morals, our laws, and the Constitution itself. As long as someone votes on it.

It’s the idea of Mel Gibson’s character in the Patriot (I know this is a real quote but I forget who said it) I would rather have one tyrant three thousand miles away then three thousand tyrants one mile away.

That is what you could get in a Democracy. No one voice matters because it is always drowned out in the ‘Will of the People’ or a Mob.

And yet any Government has the potential to slide any way at any time.

So a proper balance MUST be struck. Between Liberty and Law, where the Laws of the Land provide for human liberty, and not crush it.


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