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On….oh I think it was Friday. I was watching Fox News (shocker I know) and I remembered a conversation that me and my Dad had right around the time of the elections and this we had a conversation along these lines.

That the Governors are the best hope for the United States and our current country.

And now it seems that there are two ways that this has come to fruition.

First off for President, because they have the experience. In going over this over and over and over again with my Dad I cannot remember really the last time we had a President who was not a Governor.

Now granted this has led to some good, and some bad in this group, (Carter, Bush) for instance. But for the most part these people have executive experience, and knows what it takes to run a country.

I thought it was pure insanity that we had the option between basically two Senators, two legislators. Again maybe we can have a good President who is one but I have not seen it yet and look at our options at the time.

And the fact remains that most of the good candidates for President for next year to run against Obama are ex governors or current ones. Bobby Jindal and Gary Johnson headline that list. Along with potentially Palin, Chris Christy, and Mike Huckabee. And there are several others out there, that I will have to look into (probably will be worth checking them out anyways, all of them. :P)

The Governors also have the benefit of being on the front lines for what is going on and the many crisis that is spreading throughout this country and are taking action to try to save their budgets and their states. Trying to protect their citizens economic and fiscal well-being by leading the budget fights and other domestic policy battles.

Governors like Jan Brewer, Scott Walker, John Kasich, Mitch Daniels and even a few Democrats are looking at things and know that they have a problem.

Just that it seems like the Democratic response is usually to raise taxes and ask for help from the Feds.

But regardless the decisions that these Governors are making will determine the state of this country. They are on the front lines and it is their states that face the majority of the problems from Federal Corruption, to Budget Crisis, to everything else tricking down the pipe.

Problems that Washington does not or will not seem to understand.

It is the Governors and their political direction that could help drag the country as a whole out of the much that it currently finds itself in. As long as the political support of We the People doing our part.

The Governors will be the last best hope of America if we have a hope of surviving this battle.



  1. just don’t trust any governor from NYS…..:-P

    • Or Cali 😛

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