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Last year….probably around this time. :p I did this blog trying to figure out just what was the most important question to our well-being.

I think… I was onto something, there is no ONE question that is really more important than another question….there are a bunch of questions that are really important from ones perspective and trying to figure things out.

So I have been thinking about this off and on for about a year now, and now, is finally the time to get on with it. And to figure out just what are the most important questions.

And the reason why these questions are so important, and why they MUST be answered each in our own way is because there are gathering forces in the world. Forces of great good and great darkness.

And we have to make a stand.

Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Whom or What do you Serve? Whom or what do you trust? And where will you stand?

Who are You?

What are your motivations your strength and weaknesses. What is your core personality and what do you believe and how does that effect how you go out in life and try to search for greater truth.

What do you want?

In Big or small ways what do you want from every aspect of our society. The Republic, our Government, your neighbors, friends, lovers, random people, society at large…and even from God.

Why are you here?

What is your mission in life and your job and your objective. If you believe you have a destiny and a reason to your life then what is it and making the correct choices to make that come about.

If you do not believe you have a destiny how can you use who you are, and what you want, to bring about a beneficial outcome for you and society as a whole.

Whom or what do you serve?

What ideals, people, spiritual entities and philosophies are at the core of your being so much that you are in service to them.

What will you do and not do to violate them, where will you bend and where will you not break. And are you prepared to risk your life and happiness in service of those principles?

Who and what do you trust?

Which people and what holy books and institutions do you put your faith in?

That you use for guidance, clarity, a plumb-line, and a launching pad as you continue to go find greater moral truth.

Where will you stand?

What choices and decisions you will make about your beliefs and trying to strive for and stand for good and evil. Will you stand for your beliefs and your principles.

We must answer those questions for our humanity, and if we hope to survive times of great evil and great chaos.



  1. the good ol’ B5 questions….in this day and age of corruption these are good questions indeed that we must ask ourselves

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