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Over the past couple of months and weeks I have been paying great attention to what is going on in the Middle East. Blogging about it slowly in the weeks covering many topics in that time from what I think they should do, to what we should do, to ideas on the Caliphate.

But it has occurred to me that this may not be enough. That the issues are too wide and too severe. And even though this crisis may take months, or years, to develop, it is happening now and the earlier I get this out, well hopefully more people will read about it and think about it.

And I cannot wait, there is just too much at stake. I was originally thinking, and a friend of mine even said, that why don’t you do this over a period of six weeks?

Well who knows what will happen in six weeks I have to get it out now.

So over the next six days from here I will be writing a six part blog about all the stuff that I think that is happening in the middle east and what lessons can be learned.

Aside from economics. You can hear those anywhere and personally those may yet be able to wait…but suffice it to say those are bad.

So Part One:

I think as with many things the answer to the puzzle of what is going can be found in Star Wars, and more specifically the Galactic Emperor.

Because that is really what is going on in the Middle East.

The fundamental fact of life here and the fact of many philosophers and poets and entire novels, television shows, movies, and songs is that evil feeds off of chaos.

It simply lives off of and feeds off the chaos and chaotic situations.

Evil cannot live with stability, the light of truth, and a healthy conversation of events and principles.

It needs chaos.

As in the case of Palpetine and the fall of the Republic and the Rise of the Empire he created his own chaos.

He manipulated the events and started the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars created and started a highly traumatic event in that galaxy, in that universe, which created a situation of great chaos.

In the real world the Middle East, Europe, and even the United States has civil unrest to varying degrees. There is great and unyielding chaos in the world. It is a chaotic situation.

Protesters are coming out for Democracy and to over throw the dictators that have been plaguing them or to stick it to the man and throw off their shackles and have a Government that truly matches their ideals.

And they are dying and killing and raping in the streets. They are fighting civil wars and seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives.

There is much chaos in the world and the world is on the brink.

And the truth of the matter is that any evil, any tyrant, or any emperor can easily manipulate the situation for their own ends. Even if they did not start it they can use it for their own objectives.

Which is what the Emperor in Star Wars did after there was great chaos in the galaxy, he used it to achieve his own objectives and form a Galactic Empire.

And after years of fighting, and after years of chaos, after a war had ripped up the Galaxy the Senators cheered it on.

The elected representatives of thousands of worlds stood up and cheered as their liberty was stripped from them.

And, as far as I know, there was no wide scale and popular uprising on the Republic Member Worlds for years after the formation of the Empire.

So even the people and the citizenry, after years of chaos and war were subdued enough and weak enough where they were willing to accept their new circumstances, their new Liberty stripping, xenophobic, and downright evil new Government.

They were manipulated into excepting their new circumstances.

Well enough that any rebellious movement had to go underground for years.

As what is going on here, in the real world, and in the Middle East.

No matter the situation and no matter the good of people there is always the potential for manipulation.

No matter the attitudes or the goodness of some aspects of the Muslim Population and elements in it there is great potential for manipulation.

When people are beaten down, depressed, hungry, with no economic opportunities and even a repressive and corrupt Governments all the situation needs is some chaos.

A fluid situation to tip the country or region or world into chaos.

And then all they need is a charismatic, intelligent, well spoken leader with a ‘plan’ that can come and manipulate the situation to whatever his specific agenda is.

For good or for evil. He or she can be a beacon of hope, or a beacon of darkness.

And all the Middle East needs is a tyrant or a group of people who can come in and manipulate the anger and the hate of the populace and mold it to their heart’s content.


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