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Many people in this country, and around the world, are seemingly seeing up what has happened in Egypt and what is currently going on throughout much of North Africa and the Middle East as the rise of a freedom movement.

That these revolutions will lead to the bringing of the ‘Arab world’ into modern times. That this is their version of 1776.

A time that will help advance human liberties and freedoms and bring that opportunity to people who have not had the chance to experience it for themselves…ever.

But we must honestly ask the question, is it? Is this really advancing human liberty and freedom?

We must honestly look at the situation and evaluate what is going on in order to make a reasonable judgment based on the facts.

You see any revolution or even any society can be divided into two parts: the leaders or the ‘government’ and the people. Again this is pretty basic understanding but it seems to work.

If you have the ideals and objectives of the people and the leadership more or less in cahoots, you can get anything done that you want to. Achieve any societal objective and pass any law and do anything that you want if the people can be…well persuaded, or if they come into it already agreeing with your world view.

This has happened time and time again.

However in any society or population the leadership can manipulate its people and play off their fears, hates, and anger and forge it into any shape.

Or it can be used to forge into something that can be a legitimate force for good as long as patience and reflection are being preached instead of a quick and easy solution and those of hate.

Peace versus violence.

And I do not see it here. Granted I am not on the ground and nor am I especially omnipotent and I do not see all the news and all the angles but for me I have not seen any alternative to the violence and the Jew hate and other aspects of this revolution that causes me concern.

I do not see the Washington’s or Adam’s or Martin Luther King’s.

I do not see the equivalent and a call for peace and love from at least the leadership and even many of the people on the ground in Egypt, and even elsewhere.

Believe me I want to and its not like I do not believe in its existence, I think it probably is there somewhere, but again I have not seen it.

And while it is always possible that they will end up becoming a ‘democracy’ the question becomes which one will they become, a tyrannical one or one that shares more values with the US?

Ultimately it remains to be seen.

But it is incumbent upon us in the United States and as a country to join in the battle field of ideas and try and have a proper dialogue on the battle field of ideas so the Egyptian people can be better equipped to chose.

We need to point at ourselves and what we have done and have an honest conversation, good and bad, and use us for an example of hope again. Us, Israel, and to a certain extent Iraq.

I do not know if we can do this. We have lost a lot of trust in the world and some of it is deserved. We have not always been perfect angels and the Egyptians and much of the Middle East to not view us favorably.

Andd we also face a huge budget and morality crisis here at home which lessons our moral and practical ability to do anything in these trouble spots.

But yet we have to try and we have to try to do something. Maybe not directly to Egypt or the Middle east but if we can again become a positively recognized beacon of light and an alternative to the chaos and insanity that is spreading across the world it could only be a good thing.

Lets show these tyrants, dictators, and madmen what freedom looks like.


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