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I am no racist and nor am I a bigot. I know that there are a lot of good people within the Islamic community around the world.

People that would make good friends, and neighbors, and spouses.

I, in fact, believe this to be true of a majority of people who are Arab or Muslim around the world. I make no real judgments about the group and know that there are good individuals out there, some of them even fighting for freedom and their rights against some of the most oppressive regimes on Earth.

A war is going on though, I believe, for the hearts and souls of the Islamic community. Not just in the Middle East, but in the United States and across the globe.

A war that could determine the outcome of our own war against radical Islam.

People who are scared, desperate, lonely, and in an economic rut can and who are having all their problems blamed on Israel and the West and the United States and the enemies of God.

These people can easily be manipulated, given their situation, and become the exact monsters and the exact evil we are fighting around the world.

And no matter the sins and the mistakes of the United States and Israel, believe me we have our share, we cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed for them.

And we do not deserve to let our entire society pay for our collective sins.

We must defend ourselves and provide a better way.

And right now there is mass murder going in the Middle East as dictators and Governments crack down on the protests and the people. There are people dying right now across the Middle East.

And the unfortunate fact of the matter is it is just as likely to be a member of the moderate community then of the radical community. Especially depending on the country where the killing is taking place.

Especially considering that many of the leaders of the radical community are safe in their palaces, and compounds, and mosques, and caves. Almost immune from death, as the people around them die for the holy cause of Allah.

Even so because of this situation there are many that can become radicalized into becoming a threat.

I do not forgive them for making the choice but I do recognize the threat that they pose if this does become a reality.

Because you know its like a political party, they have a more radical element within them, they launch an agenda that is contrary to the agenda of the people, and many of them get voted out.

But it ends up being the reasonable, more moderate, more willing to listen to the base of the people and all concerns, and respect their laws.

That way even though the party has taken many casualties and has diminished power, in effect, they are more radicalized.

Thus is the threat we face here. I have no doubt that there are wide swaths of people who do want legitimate freedom, why today I read an article about a bunch of women who were protesting their lot in the Muslim world.

But again chaos provides the perfect opportunity to create a more radicalized and more emboldened element.

And this is something that should not happen, and a solution needs to be found.


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