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I believe Iraq is one of the most important countries in the world right now, probably the second or third most important country in the Middle East.

It provides for a study and a contrast and is worth paying attention to. Because, IDK if it’s just me or not but there seems to be a news and information black out from Iraq. (more on that later) I hardly hear it mentioned anymore except in the most general and glossed over terms.

And a country that could determine the fate of the world (more on that later) I find this puzzling and disturbing.

If anyone does have any information on what is going on within Iraq and stuff I would be curious to see it.

Now why is Iraq important?

First and foremost it is a buffer, a buffer between Iran and a majority of the Middle East. It can provide a literal land gap between most of those countries. And has forced Iran to send warships around to the Suez canal to get to Syria. Look at a map of the Middle East sometime.

And more importantly it seems to be, seems to be because of news I have heard and the general lack of news that I have heard from Iraq, a buffer of stability in a realm of chaos.

Things have seemingly quieted down in Iraq for the most part, though there is still some violence and stuff going on. (Story )

Second it can provide an example of a more proper democracy, versus the bad one, or the idea of a proper Republic against a Democracy. Granted Iraq has a long way to go in this regard…but then so does Egypt.

Depending on what you believe, or what channels you watch, Iraq could be the home of the Anti Christ or any number of evils and centers of great prophecy and stuff.

But regardless they have a choice right now. To be the best of humanity probably since 1776 and to be a shining beacon of freedom and liberty in the world. Or to be the greatest darkness that has been unleashed on humanity in a while.

They have a choice to make as does everyone else but they have a choice to make. Because I do believe so goes Iraq, so goes the world.


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