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What do we do in the Middle East? Just what is the solution to the problems in the Middle East that is going on right now? What, if anything, should be the United States role in the Middle East?

With who and with what and where do we stand? Mubarak, Qaddafi, the Muslim Brotherhood? Or what?

How are we going to stand in the middle east, spiritually, morally, religiously, with our ideals, with our military might? Just what are our options? I have a few but lets just figure things out.

I think a military solution to the problem would be a nightmare, would do no good or limited good and with our budget problems that is kind of nightmare.

And a nightmare of biblical proportions. This is war we are talking about here, one that could easily spiral out of control.

One that could lead to an enormous of loss in American Blood, and treasure.

I would like to think that we could stand with people and have a dialogue and encourage people how to behave rightly…but a lot of people hate us right now over there and we do not have a lot of credibility.

I think that is part of the answer but I just do not know how exactly to do that. To have a dialogue, and to encourage a dialogue, and support those forces within those countries that do want to have a better dialogue like a voice of America or the voice of the Resistance or something of that nature.

I think the best thing right now that the United States to do is to stand with the Middle East spiritually and to provide the moral example.

They may not listen to us and our rhetoric and if we go all Martin Luther King on them, they may not listen and we may even need to engage them if they cannot be convinced through peaceful means. As much as I hate that option it still is one.

But the best that we can do is fix our own country and provide the example, the alternative, where people can point to and try to model themselves with.

And to be with, metaphysically, spiritually, with the people of the Middle East.

Like Israel and even the Moderate Islamic community.

We need to do this because one it is powerful, and two there is little we can do.

And also to combat this with knowledge and illumination. To educate people around the world on the danger they face on radical Islam, and how to combat it and to know it is there. That way hopefully they will go underground, and hide, or we can neutralize them.

The United States does have a fundamental role in determining what happens in the Middle East, but we must be careful and do it delicately in order to do it properly.



  1. I am assured, that you are mistaken.

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