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Last week the US along with a few of our allies launched attacks on Libyan forces and air defenses trying to crush rebels and generally make a nuisance of themselves. (Story)

In one of the most curious events in recent memory the United States has decided to get involved, committing massive hardware and monies, into yet another war, when it does not even seem we know what our end objectives are. (Story)

Sound familiar? More on that…later.

But first I want to deal with the legality of this. Or more precisely the lack of legality. For starters this was a UN resolution, with seemingly no approval or consultation by Congress, who ultimately decides who we fight and who we declare war on. This was the ultimate in top down that should make anyone who is a lover of the constitution, and a general critic of war, cringe.

Especially when we do not seem to know who the enemy is, or who the good guys are in this case. We are hoping, it seems, that we know who the bad guys are and can at least be able to pick our the tolerable in the crowd.

After all Gaddafi has said that Al Qaeda is involved, and while he is a mad men, Al Qaeda has said they want Gaddafi gone.

As much as I want to see the bastard roast on a spit for all of eternity, recent history should show us…from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, to be very careful about going to war. Careful about picking sides and that our friends, the people that we support and send young people to die for, or worse to kill for, may not at the end of the day have our best interests at heart.

Can anyone guarantee me, with a straight face, that some all-powerful all-encompassing liberty wielder will come out of this? Can someone promise me that a state will emerge that will look like a western country, fully clothed, fed, and with a strong economy to boot? Can someone tell me that a country will emerge out of this mess that will even look like the United states? Especially since it is hard to tell whether or not our objectives actually call for his removal, just protecting citizens, a noble objective but what good can we do really?

And can you promise me that the next leader in there will be just as bad if not worse? Can you demonstrate for me if our allies and the people we are trying to save actually have our best interests at heart?

And what of the economic cost? This country is in massive deficits, massive short falls, and will now have to be spending more money and resources on this. Resources that we might need down the road for a real emergency.

Especially over, from what I have seen, nothing more than Gaddafi flipping off the international community, figuratively.

Again I want the guy gone, but there is a right way, and a wrong way to do this. And I want to save lives and stop the bleeding of innocent people, and freedom loving rebels.

And as for us taking the lead, I am glad someone else may be taking the lead for a change. And this is not the right way.

Not legally, not economically, and even the morality that is being used here is tenuous at best.

And I cannot help but wonder if Trek was right, and that this remains, for the moment, an internal Libyan matter. Though tragic. But again if we intervened can we be promised the best most angelic outcome? I do not think so, especially when I myself have some doubts about the character of the rebels.

The killing of life is wrong and if there was something the United States could do, it should be explored, but let us make sure it is the right thing.

And full disclosure, I supported us going into Iraq, and still support our initial objectives for going in.

But this seems to take all of the good stuff in Iraq, remove it, add-on all the bad stuff from our invasion of Iraq, and leave very little left in legal or economic terms for us to get involved in the first place.

In Iraq we knew who our enemy was, we knew what he did and what he was capable of doing, we had approval of the US Congress (Source), and also had in fact multinational and even to a degree UN support for going into Iraq. All the pieces were there for our war against Iraq that are not here now.

And it is also my belief that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass destruction that he was quite willing to use on his own people, and others. Thus it was clear-cut who we were after, and why.

What was not clear though was our economic costs in the war, or our long-term objectives. We should have learned.

But it seems we did not.

The situation in Libya and us going in seems to make no logical sense, none at all, there is no justification for it, and even many complaints used against Iraq (and some of them rightfully so) should also be present here. Thankfully there are some like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul that are pointing this out.

But I just have to wonder if, ultimately, all this is nothing more than a distraction.


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