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As many of you may know Beck will be leaving his Fox News show later on this year and transitioning off of it. (Story)

As of right now only he really knows what he is doing and what the future will bring, but he has promised us bigger and better things.

Whatever this ends up being though I do expect seeing more from him, and his company, later in the future. Regardless he has to do what he has to do.

He has often advocated, and implored us, to find our own answers. If he is not here who will we turn to? And that we have to be strong people on our own and know the truth on our own in the event he is not here. And even when he is here now, we should search on our own.

Now I do not think this is where he is going with the move, in fact I ultimately think quite the opposite.

But regardless this should serve as the perfect wake up call, the perfect remind, of just what if? What happens if he is not here to share his unique perspective on the world?

We have to use this as a reminder and to consider for a moment just what our lives would look like if something were to happen with him tomorrow.

I do not think we would stop believing in everything that we currently believe. I do not even think that we could stop finding the answers and the truth.

But the fact still remains that we are ultimately the only guardians of our own liberty. And we have to find a way to be stronger and to find more of the answers on our own if we are to survive.

I am not really down for the whole forty day and forty night challenge that he has come up with. It will not work for me. I think it’s a good idea, but I tend to move a little slower than that in all of my interactions with the world around me.

I need time to react and interact and to learn and to grow in all areas of my life.

I am at the start of this process. Figuring out a religious/spiritual/philosophical belief, and where I fit into the grand scale of the universe.

Right now that is where my focus primarily is.

More than on Presidential politics and what is coming up in the world and current events, more than science or anything else. And as many might have noticed my blogs have taken on more of a metaphysical twist lately.

But we need to constantly be learning and striving about our current world and the many threats we face in it. If we are to grow as humans, and survive. Individually, and as a Republic.


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