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Monthly Archives: June 2011

I have a list, a long list of blogs that…I need to get back to, but because of recent topics and recent events I have not been able to do it. I will get back to it some day.

But first, I want to way in on the whole Weinergate thing. Now I do not want to do this, it’s a distraction, but I think there is something that one can learn from this. Philosophical, and what…one of the things…that is wrong, and really telling, about our current political class.

And this is a really…wild theory…its a bit out there. But I think the facts match it. I do not mean to offend anyone in this, I do not mean to stick my foot in it, but I just see this has the reality on the ground.

I think the main long-standing lesson that can be learned is there is starting to be a lack of love, in Washington, or at least it is beginning to creep into our political system.

Now again as with my recent blogs and comments I do believe that this is still rare, very few of our politicians actually cheat and commit these kinds of crimes against their wives, and in the long run against their constituency. I can find, maybe fifteen that I know of in recent history. Fifteen too many but out of the hundreds of representatives?

But all this can be summed up by, Lack of Love.

People, it seems, are marrying for Political reasons. As is in this case. Weiner’s wife is an aide to Hillary Clinton and was very well-connected to the Clinton’s, so it seems from the news that was coming out of this case. Feel free to disagree or point me in the opposite direction.

So he cheated on his wife, through twitter, showing pictures, while his wife was pregnant.

Now, I may just be a layman and a dunce but, how can there be any love in that marriage? How can someone cheat on a woman…or person…that they truly and deeply loved?

Sure things change, and there is fights and stuff, but if there was love, there would be no need to cheat.

Sure this could be naive on my part but this is my feelings on the subject.

But there is the political class, constantly it seems, marrying and in marrying. With the powerful, the wealthy, the well off, the friends, the people you feel can give you money, and power.

Time and again, and recently especially, we have seen this.

Not judging this specific incident per se, but I would recommend vigilance, and to think. That maybe, just maybe, our political system is becoming corrupt, isolated, so much so that the only way they can get out of it, is to go and be lewd with the peasants.

Like the ancient Kings and Aristocracy of old, with their wives, with their mistresses.

Lately I have been thinking of my life in general. Just what am I going to go do with my life from here on out? How will I get educated, what jobs will I do, and how exactly do I go about doing this instead of thinking about jobs or education in the abstract.

And in doing this and thinking about this, I have been thinking about, again, the pitfalls, the dangers, the pros, and the cons. Mainly in education.

Now our college system seems to be one that can be of great benefit. It can educate one, it can provide one with a job, or job security, or income, or the ability to do something with their life. It can open the door. It can provide a road map for the future. But it can also do the antitheses of this. That it does not teach critical thinking, it does not really educate you, and it divides your attention from the very real issues that are affecting our nation on a day-to-day basis.

There are three great fears on my part when it comes to college.

One, that we are too invested in it as a society. That someone has to go out and get a degree, a piece of paper, or someone else’s permission before being able to get a well-paying job. Or do anything meaningful with your life. And this is becoming more and more regular.

I was talking with someone online the other day, someone who is currently in college, and…as some who read this blog may know… I want to go into radio. Well he said, you need to have to get a communication degree! Well that sounded odd to me, so I said basically, right you need a degree to talk in public?

All the while we were talking on a public forum. Now I may not be the best at this, or debating, but I debate regularly…online…I have this blog, so I speak in public, regularily. And I do not have a degree. Though maybe one can help me reach another audience? And while I am not sure what his degree is in, I wonder what he is studying now and if it is going towards a communication degree.

Two, That the Government has gotten way too invested in the education system. Through the grant system, and beyond.

I was on the net this past weekend. Looking into grants and loans and stuff for college, did a google search on the subject. And all but two of the links on the first two pages specifically mentioned a State or Federal Government agency. Something that I personally will not use. All but two.

And those two were just a site that gave a link to other loans and grants, most of them Government, and one of them did not work in the first place.

Worse still, as reported in an earlier blog (to the way back machine please ), the Government is trying to grow even larger into the college sector.

That I do not even feel like I can trust a private institution if they are going to be backed up by the Fed. Or if the President makes it so Private College pay will be nearly impossible to maintain.

Three, the state of education itself.

I wonder, in looking at things, in looking at how invested we are in College, and how invested the Government is with providing college and education as a ‘right’ for every American I wonder about what is this doing to our education system itself?

While I will not claim to know how many liberals, or conservatives, or libertarians, or radical socialists, there are out there. While I will not claim to know how entrenched the debate is, what I have heard, concerns me. Concerns me enough to give me great pause.

You see I do not think the college education system in America is just out to brainwash people into a certain political and social agenda, there are plenty out there with differing viewpoints, and while they may not be an agent of the Government’s agenda I do know that there is that element that is in there.

That element that cares more about a political agenda or growing the Government rather than teaching students, facts, or to think critically. That I have heard plenty of horror stories.

And I am not in much of a mood for people to try it on me. To just teach me a political agenda.

Oh I can probably survive it, I doubt I will turn into some liberal left-wing statist zombie over night just because of college, believe me it will take me a form of black magic far older and more powerful than that do to me in. 😛

After all I have survived 13 years in the Public education system without too many ill effects, despite teachers that were out to do this very thing.

Rather it is my money, it is my investment, or for heaven’s sakes someone else’s money and someone else’s investment whether it be private…or public. It would be a waste of my money for someone to even try to preach an agenda to me.

Whether I go to college or not in the future, whether or not I pursue my education in the future inside or outside the system is going to depend greatly on the answer to these questions.

Because I will not be a slave, and I will seek the means to gather information that is the best for me.

Question with boldness.

I have wanted to do a blog on this subject for ages and ages, but as you can probably guess it is a delicate one, and only very recently because of conversations I have had with various people recently…being kind…has given me the impetus to write this blog.

This has grown out of my fear and concern that you have two developing classes in this country. The educated, and the not so educated. So called by anyone who simply attended a particular institution or did requirements allowing you to have a piece of paper that says you graduated from so and so and are thus educated.

It seems to me, with alarming frequency even in my personal dealings with people who the idea is developing that the educated in this country are inherently smarter, better, wiser, and more fit than those of us who may have not been able to attend a Yale or a Harvard or a Stanford. That automatically if you have never stepped foot in college your points, your brains, and your abilities, and even your very right to make comments and form opinions, is called into question. That you can never be smart unless you attended a college, or a higher education center, or what have you. And this attitude has been exhibited by people. Where even you cannot question their brains, their abilities, or even their individual points without getting your whole life and whole livelihood questioned.

Or worse, have smears and fear mongery about where you will end up in your life called into question.

Time and time again you run into this attitude from people who are ‘educated’ or who have simply gone to one of our centers for higher learning. Time and time again they use their credentials as some sort of point clincher, ‘why just look at me I am smart, my point is right, I took classes on this subject’. And that anyone who has not done this their points are automatically suspect.

Time and again this has happened to me personally.

I should make the point though that out of the perhaps around 220 friends combined that I have online, out of the people I have met in the real world this attitude is especially rare. I have only had at the most ten people in my life that I have had this conversation with who has blatantly insulted me on this vein.

I also want to make clear that, I am not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and that continuing your education through college can be of benefit to you. And in fact it might be of personal benefit to my career and income level.

But on the other hand if this is the attitude that is coming out of these areas, that I have personally seen exhibited by certain individuals, I do not want it, and I do not need it. It would be a waste of my time trying to go to these places to get educated, if this is going to be the result.

And this is a bigotry that is perhaps the most dangerous and most despicable in human history. It spans race, religion, and creed. Just because you spent a day in a college hall, or got a piece of paper, you are suddenly deemed to be intelligent.

And again for many this is the case, but I have also seen a lot of people who do not have a good job, or who make idiotic and stupid points…when they supposedly studied the subject that they are commenting about.

Or that they can’t think critically.

And its something that I do not think we can tolerate as a society.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, more than one way too be educated and gain information, and especially in today’s world of the internet and mass communication there is an unbelievable number of options to gain and absorb information.

If we limit ourselves to just one of them, and everyone else who does not partake in that option is stupid and unworthy of consideration, then we are doing ourselves a disservice.

I was watching the Republican First debate a couple of weeks ago from South Carolina…starring Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Hermann Cain. I think most of the candidates represented themselves and did a good job with the questions. Each brought something to the debate and had good points, even though it took a few of them a while to get to them.

What struck me was perhaps a simple point, but it struck me, so thus to the blogosphere I go. (Fully clothed and not in the basement thank you)

I always think its important to have conversations with people, about Government, politics, and the state of the world. I enjoy having these conversations on a regular basis, and from all over the political map, whether they are to my political left, or the political right.

But I usually, usually, find the conversations and debates and perspectives with those to my more political right, the more Liberty Lovers then I am, the most enjoyable. Even when we do not always agree on the issues. I always learn something and really appreciate their perspective…unless they are some weird crazy nut job who insults your education but lets not get into that. 😉

The point is, I think, that even on the issues of Gay Marriage, Abortion, or Foreign Affairs as long as their opinion grows liberty, and leaves me to decide mine, or at the very least the states, then that is ok.

I will disagree with you, and vehemently, but at least they are not trying to GROW the Government right?

As long as they understand the issues and the potential consequences of any of their actions I think we can tolerate a candidate that will shrink the Government even if we disagree with them on a single issue.

And I think this is something everyone can learn, those to the more left of me barely, and those to the right of me. If a candidate will mostly shrink the Government in their administration.

We need candidates who ultimately understand the issues, all of them, and are willing to make choices. Barring that can create a team that will lead them to understanding all the issues. We will never find a perfect candidate so as long as they shrink a Government and move us in the right direction, especially when it comes to personal, and State, Liberty, and our economy, then those candidates should be considered.

Something has struck me recently about a subject that has been bothering me for quite a while. Simply: Why should Libertarians care about the State of Israel? Why is it any of our concern?

After all it is another sovereign country, with its own affairs, its own concerns…and is just a foreign entity outside the United States? Why should the Government go and support them or why should we personally support them? We should not even exercise power in this nation! And it is an internal Israeli matter.

And besides, we have our own issues in this country. We have a massive debt, massive budget problems, our economy sucks, our dollar is being destroyed, and the govt is taking more and more and more power for itself. In all areas of our lives.

Why should we be concerned about a country, or a people, half way across the world?

Well there is a lot of truth in these concerns about Israel and our own country.

Well because many others, religious people and politicians, are working towards trying to take away their lives, their liberty, and their ability to pursue their happiness. Never mind their ability to govern themselves. There are people out there who is advocating this, enemies of liberty.

Now I am not saying we need to get involved, I am not saying we need to risk our American lives and treasure in defense. I am not saying this will require a World War 2 like effort to stop. I hope this does not happen, and Israel is a sovereign state, with the military and the boarders of one. And the right to conduct its flaws.

With all the flaws and the imperfections of a state and humanity in general.

But they have a right to, most importantly live.

And a threat to anyone’s liberty, is a threat to our liberty.

Governments who grow which threaten anyone’s lives, will likely grow to threaten our rights. Even that of their own people.

We have a choice here, to stand and stop this, or to sit quiet, let this happen, and then perhaps reap the rewards of our folly years in the future.

With the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death so recent adds a bit of a poignant point of good news to what is otherwise going to be a bleak blog. A blog that was conceived a few weeks ago and needed some time to think on it.

You see we are entering what I believe to be a turning point in World History. With my recent six part series in the Middle East it is becoming increasingly apparent that…well I was right.

Since I wrote that blog…wrote mind you…*sigh and grumbles and wants to hit something…:P* more and more events have become apparent that Israel is still under great threat and very likely Jews everywhere.

A third intifada has been announced against Israel. A page on FB that has been taken down, but keeps on cropping up. Another Gaza flotilla has been announced, with certain Americans participating. And there have been college groups examining the whole situation with Palestine and wondering about the whole thing.

And just today sixteen people, at least count….twenty four…considers Israel the biggest terrorists ever.

Again, very small minority in the world/ face book population but it is there. And it needs to be countered and addressed before growing louder.

And believe me this is not the only thing that is going on, nor is it on this issue, I just do not want to turn this into a wall of links. 😛 You will have to do your own research.

Gas prices continue to increase, Gold continues to go through the roof, and the economy looks like it is in slow down.

We still have a situation developing in Libya, the world continues to be on fire, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking power in Egypt.

And last but not least the Fed recently had its first press conference in.. a while. Basically trying to restore the good name of the Fed.

And meanwhile we just continue on with the same ridiculous policies, and in the meantime, as far as I can tell, attention to this issue has been minimal.

So I think history is going to be made this month. And I thought it would be awesome and sunshine and lollipops. It is my birthday after all.

The net result of this? I am not sure. I suppose we need to make a stand, ask for the help of Divine Providence (though it is Israel…I mean asking for divine providence in this area is a teensy bit redundant) and just continue to draw attention to this issue.

We must be firm in our stance with Israel, their national sovereignty, and their ability to govern themselves without threat of annihilation, and genocide.

We must make that commitment because it is the commitment that we need to make to all people’s, all countries, and all groups.

We were not out to kill all the Germans in Germany, just a small number of radicals that seized control. Nor the Japanese nor the British.

Not anyone.

We can make the choices that is best for us to make right now in order to defend ourselves, and anyone else who is under threat of animation or extermination.

Do we have to get involved militarily?

No but we must stand. As I will, as I continue to do as long as there is a threat to Israel, this country, or anyone else.