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I have wanted to do a blog on this subject for ages and ages, but as you can probably guess it is a delicate one, and only very recently because of conversations I have had with various people recently…being kind…has given me the impetus to write this blog.

This has grown out of my fear and concern that you have two developing classes in this country. The educated, and the not so educated. So called by anyone who simply attended a particular institution or did requirements allowing you to have a piece of paper that says you graduated from so and so and are thus educated.

It seems to me, with alarming frequency even in my personal dealings with people who the idea is developing that the educated in this country are inherently smarter, better, wiser, and more fit than those of us who may have not been able to attend a Yale or a Harvard or a Stanford. That automatically if you have never stepped foot in college your points, your brains, and your abilities, and even your very right to make comments and form opinions, is called into question. That you can never be smart unless you attended a college, or a higher education center, or what have you. And this attitude has been exhibited by people. Where even you cannot question their brains, their abilities, or even their individual points without getting your whole life and whole livelihood questioned.

Or worse, have smears and fear mongery about where you will end up in your life called into question.

Time and time again you run into this attitude from people who are ‘educated’ or who have simply gone to one of our centers for higher learning. Time and time again they use their credentials as some sort of point clincher, ‘why just look at me I am smart, my point is right, I took classes on this subject’. And that anyone who has not done this their points are automatically suspect.

Time and again this has happened to me personally.

I should make the point though that out of the perhaps around 220 friends combined that I have online, out of the people I have met in the real world this attitude is especially rare. I have only had at the most ten people in my life that I have had this conversation with who has blatantly insulted me on this vein.

I also want to make clear that, I am not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and that continuing your education through college can be of benefit to you. And in fact it might be of personal benefit to my career and income level.

But on the other hand if this is the attitude that is coming out of these areas, that I have personally seen exhibited by certain individuals, I do not want it, and I do not need it. It would be a waste of my time trying to go to these places to get educated, if this is going to be the result.

And this is a bigotry that is perhaps the most dangerous and most despicable in human history. It spans race, religion, and creed. Just because you spent a day in a college hall, or got a piece of paper, you are suddenly deemed to be intelligent.

And again for many this is the case, but I have also seen a lot of people who do not have a good job, or who make idiotic and stupid points…when they supposedly studied the subject that they are commenting about.

Or that they can’t think critically.

And its something that I do not think we can tolerate as a society.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, more than one way too be educated and gain information, and especially in today’s world of the internet and mass communication there is an unbelievable number of options to gain and absorb information.

If we limit ourselves to just one of them, and everyone else who does not partake in that option is stupid and unworthy of consideration, then we are doing ourselves a disservice.



  1. yeah…Fr. Corapi has a clip on YT about this too…:-P

    • Cool, thanks man, will have to look at that later. 😀

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