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Something has struck me recently about a subject that has been bothering me for quite a while. Simply: Why should Libertarians care about the State of Israel? Why is it any of our concern?

After all it is another sovereign country, with its own affairs, its own concerns…and is just a foreign entity outside the United States? Why should the Government go and support them or why should we personally support them? We should not even exercise power in this nation! And it is an internal Israeli matter.

And besides, we have our own issues in this country. We have a massive debt, massive budget problems, our economy sucks, our dollar is being destroyed, and the govt is taking more and more and more power for itself. In all areas of our lives.

Why should we be concerned about a country, or a people, half way across the world?

Well there is a lot of truth in these concerns about Israel and our own country.

Well because many others, religious people and politicians, are working towards trying to take away their lives, their liberty, and their ability to pursue their happiness. Never mind their ability to govern themselves. There are people out there who is advocating this, enemies of liberty.

Now I am not saying we need to get involved, I am not saying we need to risk our American lives and treasure in defense. I am not saying this will require a World War 2 like effort to stop. I hope this does not happen, and Israel is a sovereign state, with the military and the boarders of one. And the right to conduct its flaws.

With all the flaws and the imperfections of a state and humanity in general.

But they have a right to, most importantly live.

And a threat to anyone’s liberty, is a threat to our liberty.

Governments who grow which threaten anyone’s lives, will likely grow to threaten our rights. Even that of their own people.

We have a choice here, to stand and stop this, or to sit quiet, let this happen, and then perhaps reap the rewards of our folly years in the future.


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