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I have a list, a long list of blogs that…I need to get back to, but because of recent topics and recent events I have not been able to do it. I will get back to it some day.

But first, I want to way in on the whole Weinergate thing. Now I do not want to do this, it’s a distraction, but I think there is something that one can learn from this. Philosophical, and what…one of the things…that is wrong, and really telling, about our current political class.

And this is a really…wild theory…its a bit out there. But I think the facts match it. I do not mean to offend anyone in this, I do not mean to stick my foot in it, but I just see this has the reality on the ground.

I think the main long-standing lesson that can be learned is there is starting to be a lack of love, in Washington, or at least it is beginning to creep into our political system.

Now again as with my recent blogs and comments I do believe that this is still rare, very few of our politicians actually cheat and commit these kinds of crimes against their wives, and in the long run against their constituency. I can find, maybe fifteen that I know of in recent history. Fifteen too many but out of the hundreds of representatives?

But all this can be summed up by, Lack of Love.

People, it seems, are marrying for Political reasons. As is in this case. Weiner’s wife is an aide to Hillary Clinton and was very well-connected to the Clinton’s, so it seems from the news that was coming out of this case. Feel free to disagree or point me in the opposite direction.

So he cheated on his wife, through twitter, showing pictures, while his wife was pregnant.

Now, I may just be a layman and a dunce but, how can there be any love in that marriage? How can someone cheat on a woman…or person…that they truly and deeply loved?

Sure things change, and there is fights and stuff, but if there was love, there would be no need to cheat.

Sure this could be naive on my part but this is my feelings on the subject.

But there is the political class, constantly it seems, marrying and in marrying. With the powerful, the wealthy, the well off, the friends, the people you feel can give you money, and power.

Time and again, and recently especially, we have seen this.

Not judging this specific incident per se, but I would recommend vigilance, and to think. That maybe, just maybe, our political system is becoming corrupt, isolated, so much so that the only way they can get out of it, is to go and be lewd with the peasants.

Like the ancient Kings and Aristocracy of old, with their wives, with their mistresses.


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