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Lately I have been thinking of my life in general. Just what am I going to go do with my life from here on out? How will I get educated, what jobs will I do, and how exactly do I go about doing this instead of thinking about jobs or education in the abstract.

And in doing this and thinking about this, I have been thinking about, again, the pitfalls, the dangers, the pros, and the cons. Mainly in education.

Now our college system seems to be one that can be of great benefit. It can educate one, it can provide one with a job, or job security, or income, or the ability to do something with their life. It can open the door. It can provide a road map for the future. But it can also do the antitheses of this. That it does not teach critical thinking, it does not really educate you, and it divides your attention from the very real issues that are affecting our nation on a day-to-day basis.

There are three great fears on my part when it comes to college.

One, that we are too invested in it as a society. That someone has to go out and get a degree, a piece of paper, or someone else’s permission before being able to get a well-paying job. Or do anything meaningful with your life. And this is becoming more and more regular.

I was talking with someone online the other day, someone who is currently in college, and…as some who read this blog may know… I want to go into radio. Well he said, you need to have to get a communication degree! Well that sounded odd to me, so I said basically, right you need a degree to talk in public?

All the while we were talking on a public forum. Now I may not be the best at this, or debating, but I debate regularly…online…I have this blog, so I speak in public, regularily. And I do not have a degree. Though maybe one can help me reach another audience? And while I am not sure what his degree is in, I wonder what he is studying now and if it is going towards a communication degree.

Two, That the Government has gotten way too invested in the education system. Through the grant system, and beyond.

I was on the net this past weekend. Looking into grants and loans and stuff for college, did a google search on the subject. And all but two of the links on the first two pages specifically mentioned a State or Federal Government agency. Something that I personally will not use. All but two.

And those two were just a site that gave a link to other loans and grants, most of them Government, and one of them did not work in the first place.

Worse still, as reported in an earlier blog (to the way back machine please ), the Government is trying to grow even larger into the college sector.

That I do not even feel like I can trust a private institution if they are going to be backed up by the Fed. Or if the President makes it so Private College pay will be nearly impossible to maintain.

Three, the state of education itself.

I wonder, in looking at things, in looking at how invested we are in College, and how invested the Government is with providing college and education as a ‘right’ for every American I wonder about what is this doing to our education system itself?

While I will not claim to know how many liberals, or conservatives, or libertarians, or radical socialists, there are out there. While I will not claim to know how entrenched the debate is, what I have heard, concerns me. Concerns me enough to give me great pause.

You see I do not think the college education system in America is just out to brainwash people into a certain political and social agenda, there are plenty out there with differing viewpoints, and while they may not be an agent of the Government’s agenda I do know that there is that element that is in there.

That element that cares more about a political agenda or growing the Government rather than teaching students, facts, or to think critically. That I have heard plenty of horror stories.

And I am not in much of a mood for people to try it on me. To just teach me a political agenda.

Oh I can probably survive it, I doubt I will turn into some liberal left-wing statist zombie over night just because of college, believe me it will take me a form of black magic far older and more powerful than that do to me in. 😛

After all I have survived 13 years in the Public education system without too many ill effects, despite teachers that were out to do this very thing.

Rather it is my money, it is my investment, or for heaven’s sakes someone else’s money and someone else’s investment whether it be private…or public. It would be a waste of my money for someone to even try to preach an agenda to me.

Whether I go to college or not in the future, whether or not I pursue my education in the future inside or outside the system is going to depend greatly on the answer to these questions.

Because I will not be a slave, and I will seek the means to gather information that is the best for me.

Question with boldness.


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